Get Moving

This time of year we often see lots of family and friends for various gatherings, often for prolonged periods of sitting and eating.  While that is fun, sometimes we can miss out on our regular exercise routine because we are preparing, shopping, or prepping for meals.  It means this is often the season of a lot more calories in and a lot less calories out.  So how do you get your family moving?

There are fun ways to incorporate movement that can include the whole family and might actually get you all laughing together.  Remember, movement shouldn’t be a chore or a bore.  It can and should be fun.

Eleven Tips for Getting your Family Moving around the Holidays

  • Walk Between Dinner and Dessert

As an added bonus, taking a walk often gets you out of dish duty.

  • Play Charades or Another Physical Game

If your family needs a real challenge, show up this year with Twister.

  • Stretch Between Courses

Think of this like the seven inning stretch.  Get up and get moving.  Pick gentle stretches that feel good.  Some shoulder shrugs or a group hip flexor stretch.

  • Dance While Washing Dishes

Put on some fun music and dance while you clean up.  I think […]

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PLANK STORY: The Competitive Spirit Starts Young

We met friends in the Poconos last weekend. Their seven-year-old daughter is a blast and abnormally easy going for a human being. But I saw a whole new side of her when we rode Go-Carts, an activity I haven’t done in years, but highly recommend. It’s so much fun. Evelyn had to ride with an adult, so for the first ride she picked Uncle Matt. We drove the course. Matt and Evelyn did well. On our second ride, she opted to go with me. I told her that if she wanted to win she should join Uncle Matt or her father. After a brief consideration she opted to stay with me.

Picture this one in hot pursuit of every single go-cart that zoomed passed us. Picture this one in hot pursuit of every single go-cart that zoomed passed us.

We get in the car. Keep in mind I’m changing from the single passenger to a double. Before the race starts they have you drive out of the shed and stop. I pull out behind the other doubles, but when I need to break, the pedal is so much farther away on the doublewide […]

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Twenty Steps to Make A Rainbow Igloo

This project was so much fun.  I’m so glad I did it.  That being said, I doubt I’d ever do it again.  But it’s totally worth it.  Here is how we did it and what we learned along the way:

  1. Collect over 500 half gallon, cardboard containers. If you get about 520 to 530 that should be more than enough with some room for error.

Notes:  Fake stuff smells the worst.  Year old soy products, coconut milk and lactaid milk smells even worse than year old egg nog.  You’ve been warned.  Also, most people don’t use half gallons, so get as many people collecting for you as possible.  If you think that on trash night you can go recycling bin-to-recycling bin and find half gallons, don’t waste your time.  People just don’t use them.  Find your friends, family and local businesses that do and ask them to collect them for you.

2. Rinse them out and open the tops.

Notes: I didn’t rinse all of them, which I came to regret.  And the ones I opened froze faster and were easier to fill and carry.  It’s more work in the beginning, but will pay off in the end.

3. Fill with water and a little […]

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Mission Impossible Laser Game

I totally forgot to mention that in December Matt and I went to San Antonio, Texas where we discovered the BEST game ever.  It’s a laser game where your job is to get through a room of lasers—from one side to the other—without ever touching any lasers.  You feel like you’re in Mission Impossible, partly because they are playing music from the movie.

You lose points if you hit a laser.  Once you are through the room you can pick a more challenging level or try to beat your own time. 

We were lucky to be the only people there so we could just keep playing the game over and over.  Matt would go, I would, etc. for an hour and a half. 

It was a reminder that games can be exercise and exercise can be fun.  I like to exercise so I don’t always need that reminder.  Still, I didn’t realize I was getting a workout until I […]

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Stay Healthy This Winter

I like winter because it’s a good time to curl up with a good book and hibernate a bit.  Falling asleep at 9pm doesn’t seem so bad when it’s already been dark for five hours.  But winter can also make it harder to get up and work out and easier to eat warm, greasy comfort foods.  Here are some tips for staying active and healthy this winter:

·         Take up a winter sport.  I recently discovered and love cross country skiing.

·         Make soup.  It’s warm, and good, and easy to incorporate veggies.

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