Thirty Smoothies!

So a couple weeks ago at the Wethersfield Farmer’s Market I bought a recipe book for raw smoothies.  It has 30 smoothie recipes, so Matt and I have challenged ourselves to try all thirty.  We aren’t shooting for 30 all in one month, that would be a tad too much pressure, but we want to try them all in a timely manner.

So far, we’ve tried two and it’s just okay.  The smoothies call for a lot of nuts and it just makes them so heavy.  But I’m learning.  I think I should reduce the nuts a bit and add more ice.  That will make me more likely to stick to this challenge and make them again.  But then the downside is that I think I’ll get hungry quickly.  When I started, I assumed I’d use the smoothies as a snack because there was no way a smoothie could be a meal, but […]

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Fun with Fruit

One of the best parts of summer (besides the sun and fresh air) is the fresh fruit. So get some friends together, pass on the typical Tupperware party and have a fruit party. Have everyone invited bring their favorite fruit or an exotic fruit. Then have everyone try each kind and discuss. Which ones do you like best? Which least? Why?

Exotic papaya fruit with seeds, close-up

Some may make you laugh. Go online and do a little research on the fruit. I’ve bought fruit before that Mark Twain wrote about. You never know the funny or interesting story that may make you and your friends smile.

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