Slow down to go fast

It’s the most wonderful and most busy time of year. Once Thanksgiving hits it can feel like a mad dash to the New Year. There can be so many wonderful, generous, magical moments if we stop to notice them whizzing by in a blur.

Slow Down to Go Fast

Lately, I keep hearing different variations of the same sentiment: slow down to go fast. Personally, I’m not sure I’m good at following that motto, but I believe it is important to consider. In a rush I often create more work for myself. This time of year can be especially hard with the added tasks of cooking, baking, getting presents, wrapping presents, and forcing your friends to go caroling with you in the freezing cold—all the usual stuff.

During the holiday season, one of my favorite things to do is to stop, sit wrapped in a blanket, turn off all the normal lights, and look at the white lights on the tree or in my Christmas village. It’s possible I’m really an 80-year-old woman. I gaze at all the ornaments and remember the people who gave them to me and the stories they conjure.

It’s a […]

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Conquering Fear in Mongolia

Golden Eagle in Mongolia

A documentary called the Eagle Huntress inspired me to go to Mongolia. It’s a film about a young girl who wants to be the first eagle hunter in Mongolia in a world where that role is passed from father to son. It’s a beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

Opportunity in Mongolia

Along our travels, unexpectedly, at a tourist destination there was an opportunity to hold a golden eagle. Matt jumped at the chance. I wanted to hold the massive bird, but was desperately afraid. The wingspan of these giant birds is wider than I am tall. As we walked around the site, I kept thinking, “if I leave this country without holding an eagle when I have the chance, I will be so mad at myself. I have to do it.” I told Matt. He’d help me get the job done. Accountability and support from those we care about can help us do many things we are unsure we can manage.

Overcoming Fear in Mongolia

My fear was that the bird would peck out my eyes or tear off my ear, so I wanted those areas protected. I put […]

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Six Tips for Eating Healthy

Playing with my food.

After a yet another month of mindful eating, I’ve come up with six tips for eating healthy.


Being busy definitely helped me stay on track.  It is much harder to eat right on the weekend when there is no set schedule, but lots of fun activities.  In some ways that’s a sad statement.  It is almost like saying I eat when I’m bored.  But there is one tool I’ve always used that sometimes works and sometimes does not.  If I want to eat and I think it’s just for the sake of eating, I take a walk or start doing some exercise.  If afterward I still want the food I can have it.  If nothing else, at least I’ve added more movement before eating something I perhaps should have skipped.

Planning & Prep

Having healthy snacks ready and on hand makes all the difference in the world.  Junk food is very easy to grab.  The good news is if pressed for time, there are locations that we can buy premade healthy options.  For me, nuts was an easy snack to have around.  But if you are a cheese lover maybe […]

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Get Moving

This time of year we often see lots of family and friends for various gatherings, often for prolonged periods of sitting and eating.  While that is fun, sometimes we can miss out on our regular exercise routine because we are preparing, shopping, or prepping for meals.  It means this is often the season of a lot more calories in and a lot less calories out.  So how do you get your family moving?

There are fun ways to incorporate movement that can include the whole family and might actually get you all laughing together.  Remember, movement shouldn’t be a chore or a bore.  It can and should be fun.

Eleven Tips for Getting your Family Moving around the Holidays

  • Walk Between Dinner and Dessert

As an added bonus, taking a walk often gets you out of dish duty.

  • Play Charades or Another Physical Game

If your family needs a real challenge, show up this year with Twister.

  • Stretch Between Courses

Think of this like the seven inning stretch.  Get up and get moving.  Pick gentle stretches that feel good.  Some shoulder shrugs or a group hip flexor stretch.

  • Dance While Washing Dishes

Put on some fun music and dance while you clean up.  I think […]

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Need Motivation? Add A Plus One to Your Workout

The PE team often tries new classes together. This was when we tried ballroom dancing. No matter what we try, it’s always fun being together.

We have a guest blogger for this post: Travis White enjoys showing visitors how to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

Everything’s better with friends, and this includes your workout. While it may seem silly to ask a friend to join you, it is actually a wonderful way to stay motivated to keep up the same routine. A recent study showed that those who work out with a friend are more likely to stick with their routine instead of giving up. Here are some ways to include friends to mix up your workout routine and stick out your fitness goals.

Challenge yourself by working out with a friend who is a gym pro

Do you have a friend or colleague who is a fitness fanatic? They are the runner who can go for miles without breaking a sweat, or who knows which machines at the gym will get your body summer-ready. Call on your friend to kick your workout up a notch with some hints and company. […]

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