Need Motivation? Add A Plus One to Your Workout

The PE team often tries new classes together. This was when we tried ballroom dancing. No matter what we try, it’s always fun being together.

We have a guest blogger for this post: Travis White enjoys showing visitors how to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

Everything’s better with friends, and this includes your workout. While it may seem silly to ask a friend to join you, it is actually a wonderful way to stay motivated to keep up the same routine. A recent study showed that those who work out with a friend are more likely to stick with their routine instead of giving up. Here are some ways to include friends to mix up your workout routine and stick out your fitness goals.

Challenge yourself by working out with a friend who is a gym pro

Do you have a friend or colleague who is a fitness fanatic? They are the runner who can go for miles without breaking a sweat, or who knows which machines at the gym will get your body summer-ready. Call on your friend to kick your workout up a notch with some hints and company. […]

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The Camp Gyno: A Camp I Never Want to Attend

Am I the only one in the world who hates this new commercial for tampons? I keep hearing about how women wish this was around when they were a kid, and I hate it. So what’s wrong with me? First of all, if I were twelve this was be just as mortifying as the video they played for us when they separated the boys and girls and handed out pads as thick as Moby Dick.

And I’m sorry, but “Red Badge of Courage”? Since the day I first got my period I knew it sucked. Slant it however you want, I more feel like the little girl stuck in bed with cramps. PMS, my period, it all cramps my style. It’s nice to pretend it’s all fun and games at camp, but quite frankly, the visit from my monthly “friend” is just something that sucks about being a woman.

But, perhaps, I’m strange. When I first got my period I cried for three days. I didn’t have cramps or bad PMS, it just seemed like I was having a serious problem. This was going to happen to me every month? Why would anyone want this? And I understood what was happening. […]

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