Free Pilates in Wethersfield

I always love our mini outdoor session of Pilates.  I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Old Wethersfield—a spectacular place to spend time.  This year so far we’ve had a great turn out.  Thanks to everyone who has made it so far.  Remember—we have one more class this Saturday.  Hope we get to meet you there.


Wethersfield Broad Street Green (CT)

Bring a mat, hat, sunglasses, and water

And consider saving time for a walk afterward or breakfast at Aroma Bistro.  Or come back for lunch at Lucky Louie’s followed by ice cream at the Wethersfield Creamery.  The Cove Deli it also a great place for sandwiches and salads, all of which have fun names. 
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Saturday Morning Pilates

We are having so much fun in Pilates on Saturday mornings. A great group of men and women have been showing up. The weather has been perfect and it is a superb way to start the day.

This Saturday one of Maggie’s friends came with her new daughter Lydia. They had a great time. Lydia cheered everyone one and helped her mom do some of the exercises!

There are two more weeks, so consider joining us.
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