Healthy Eating

Because I’m in fitness, people often assume I eat healthful and know something about nutrition.  This reminds me of when I was  good at field hockey in high school.  People assumed I was generally good at sports.  I wasn’t. I’m interested in food and nutrition, but not the way I care about fascia and movement.  However, since my book Keep Moving: Take Steps to Relieve Pain & Improve Your Life came out, during interviews I’ve been questioned about nutrition a surprising amount. I don’t think of myself as an expert in that department, and don’t feel a need to be, however, it made me think I should have some of the basics down.  I figured I should review the basics on healthy eating.

Getting Educated

Two books piqued my interest: The Science of Skinny: Start Understanding Your Body’s Chemistry and Stop Dieting Forever by Dee McCaffrey (an organic chemist and nutritionist) and Why You Eat What You Eat by Rachel Herz (a neuroscientist).

The first was a little older. It came out in 2012, so it has been sitting in my upcoming reading pile for seven years.  But she wrote in […]

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How Much Sugar A Day?

Sugar is actually good for us.  Sugar fuels our brain and provides quick energy.  At least that is the case with sugar before it is fully processed and transformed into the white substance we normally see.  Sugar cane contains minerals and vitamins (like calcium, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, cobalt, copper, zinc, and manganese).  All those nutrients and the fiber in the sugar cane help us digest the sugar. When we consume sugar without the other nutrients (as is the case in white sugar) the body can be forced to leach calcium from bones and other tissues to help process the sugar.  So how much sugar should we get a day?

Two hundred years ago it is estimated that Americans ate about 10 pounds of refined sugar per year.  Today that poundage is estimated to be 156 pounds per person per year.  This does not include sugars from whole fruits or dairy products.  Just added sugar (white sugar, sugar cane, honey, maple syrup, agave, etc). 

The American Heart Association recommends 6 teaspoons per day for women and 9 teaspoons a day for […]

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Six Tips for Eating Healthy

Playing with my food.

After a yet another month of mindful eating, I’ve come up with six tips for eating healthy.


Being busy definitely helped me stay on track.  It is much harder to eat right on the weekend when there is no set schedule, but lots of fun activities.  In some ways that’s a sad statement.  It is almost like saying I eat when I’m bored.  But there is one tool I’ve always used that sometimes works and sometimes does not.  If I want to eat and I think it’s just for the sake of eating, I take a walk or start doing some exercise.  If afterward I still want the food I can have it.  If nothing else, at least I’ve added more movement before eating something I perhaps should have skipped.

Planning & Prep

Having healthy snacks ready and on hand makes all the difference in the world.  Junk food is very easy to grab.  The good news is if pressed for time, there are locations that we can buy premade healthy options.  For me, nuts was an easy snack to have around.  But if you are a cheese lover maybe […]

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Live Longer

My Grandma inside the igloo for her 89th birthday!

My Grandma will be 92 tomorrow.  She lives on her own, cooks for herself, loves the movies, and is interesting to talk to.  She has moments of forgetfulness and relays a lot of stories from the past and her youth.  Now and then my mom will call me to tell me she is worried my Grandma might be losing it a little.  Sometimes my mom seems right and other times I say, “I do the same thing.  If Grandma has dementia then I must too.”

A week after Christmas my Grandma called me to thank me for the beautiful amaryllis I’d given her for Christmas.  She left a message and as I listened, I grew a little sad.  I had not given her an amaryllis.  Perhaps my mom was more right than I realized.  Someone else deserved this thank you.  Not me.  It signaled that my Grandma seemed to be losing it.

Later that night when Matt arrived home, I told him about my Grandma’s message and how my mom might be onto something.  “I didn’t get her an amaryllis,” I told him.  “Yes, […]

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Mindful Eating Challenge

Years ago I started doing the No-Sugar February Challenge.  It has evolved into the Mindful Eating Challenge.  That means if giving up sugar isn’t really beneficial for you—maybe you aren’t the addict I am—you can choose a challenge that fits your needs for the shortest month of the year.

Challenge Suggestions (pick one or all):

Give up sugar (or whatever your vice is).

Make sure you aren’t distracted while eating.  Take time to stop and eat.  That means no eating in front of the television, Facebook, or while doing the crossword.

Try not to overeat at meals.

Try to include more veggies (perhaps even a veggie at every meal).

Use an app or excel spreadsheet to record everything you eat and watch calories in vs. out.

Try to drink more water, reduce caffeine or cut out beverages with calories.

Select a program like the Whole30, Paleo, vegan or some other food related lifestyle you’ve been interested in experimenting with.

Take a picture of all your food and text it to a friend.


We started a Facebook group if knowing you aren’t alone is helpful.  It’s the Mindful Eating Challenge group with lettuce leaves as its profile picture.  The challenge starts […]

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