Fitness and Pilates Classes in CT

Most of our fitness classes are mixed level, but some of our Pilates classes are broken down into levels. Here’s what that means:

Beginner Pilates is designed to develop a strong core while maintaining loose, limber limbs. This class will focus on the basic principles of Pilates to start strengthening core muscles (stomach, back, and glutes), and improve balance and coordination between the body’s limbs.

Intermediate Pilates continues to strengthen the core muscles while using more challenging poses that work the body in more difficult positions. General guidelines for knowing when you are ready for an intermediate class: you know any modifications you need, you know the difference between a neutral and imprinted pelvis, and you can do the full roll up, teaser and can maintain imprint with your legs in the air.

Advanced Pilates has everything intermediate Pilates offers, but you never stop. There are only very brief breaks between

exercises. So the class moves quickly. The challenge and coordination required in exercises gets harder as well.

Mixed Level – These classes provide a workout for both beginner and intermediate practitioners. Modifications are given. These classes are an option for most anyone who can get up and down off the floor unless you have a very unique or serious injury in which case talk to use and we’ll see what class might be an option.

Free Classes – Every year we offer two free classes on the Broad Street Green in Wethersfield, CT. Usually they happen the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of July at 8am. Wethersfield is the largest historic district in the state of Connecticut, and it is a beautiful setting for a great workout to start the day. After enjoying the free class, we always recommend walking the green and looking at the old houses, walking about 1-mile to the cove for a beautiful view, or strolling to breakfast at one of our local shops.

Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates

Exercises focus on the core muscles which include the abs, back, glutes and shoulders. We work to create balance and strength in your truck and loose, limber limbs. Pilates strives to makes you strong and long while improving balance, coordination and posture. Every part of the body gets worked and you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had. Bring a mat and a water.

Power-Up Pilates

(AKA Core Blast Pilates) Like our regular Pilates class, this class will provide a full body workout. You’ll work your arms, legs, abs, back, and butt, but use props that will help to strengthen, tighten and tone the entire body quickly and safely. Power-Up Pilates integrates the lengthening and stretching principles of traditional Pilates and adds strength training. Though exercises might feel more intense, every exercise can be modified for beginner and intermediate levels. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and water.

Gentle Pilates

Like our mixed-level Pilates classes, exercises focus on the core muscles which include the abs, back, glutes and shoulders. We work to create balance and strength in your truck and loose, limber limbs. Pilates strives to make you strong and long while improving balance, coordination and posture. A great option for newcomers to Pilates or anyone who wants to move, but needs to tone it down a bit. Need to be able to get up and down off the floor. Bring a mat and water to class.

Chair Pilates

Pilates was designed to be done anywhere- the floor, standing, on equipment (there is even a piece of equipment called “The Chair”). In this class, we modify our standard Pilates exercises in a chair. It’s still the same Pilates concepts: exercises are designed to strengthen the core (abs, back, glutes, and shoulder girdle) and stretch the limbs. We’ll use the chair for Pilates balance and standing exercises. The focus is also on developing a strong core while increasing flexibility and movement. This class is great for anyone who has trouble getting up and down from the floor. And for anyone who wants to improve balance and core strength in a gentler format.

POP Pilates

POP Pilates is a high-energy, upbeat, ‘dance on the mat’ blend of cardio, Pilates, and yoga synced to today’s Pop and Top 40 hits which results in an intense workout that is FUN and effective. The class focusses on core and glutes while leaving NO muscle untouched. Modifications will be given. You’ll break a sweat, but you’ll feel strong and energized!  Bring a yoga mat and water. Mixed level class.


These are interval, private Pilates classes that last 25-minutes using the Reformer and a jumpboard. You get to jump while lying down, so it’s gentler on your joints. We alternate between different types of jumps and ab and arm work. This is a great option for someone looking for a little more cardio, runners, Irish step dancers and anyone who likes to break a sweat.

Private Pilates Classes

These classes are held at the Wethersfield Studio. You meet one-on-one with Maggie, a STOTT Certified Pilates instructor, to work toward your specific goals using the Pilates equipment, including the Pilates Reformer, the Cadillac, the Chair, and barrels. It’s time devoted to you. This is a great place to give your body specifically what it needs. If you are injured you can do Post-Rehab work. If you are training for a race or are an avid golfer, you can work to enhance your sport. And if you just love Pilates and want time for it geared specifically for your body, private Pilates classes provide that opportunity.

Barre Classes

Total Barre/Classical Barre

Barre is a fusion of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training that will lift, tone, and sculpt as well as define and strengthen your core muscles. This full body sculpting class uses the ballet Barre (if not available, we’ll use chairs) and small, isometric, concentrated movements to create lean muscles. Each class incorporates an upper body workout and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, glute, and core exercises at the Barre. The fluid class is set to upbeat music at a vigorous pace to get your heart pumping! Classical Barre is a more traditional style of Barre. Please bring water, a mat, and 1-2 pound hand weights.

Interval (HIIT) & Strength Training Classes

Interval Training Cardio– High Intensity

(AKA Interval Strength) Interval training is a great way to increase your endurance and can increase aerobic capacity in just two days of training. This is a high intensity class. We’ll focus on endurance training, strength training and all-over body toning. You’ll be sprinting, jump roping, resistance training, and doing plyometrics (which involves jumping). While modifications will be given, this may not be a suitable class for individuals with certain knee or ankle injuries. The class flies by and no muscle goes untouched. Bring water, a mat, towel, 5-8 lb. hand weights and a jump rope.

Interval Cardio Strength–Lower Intensity

Interval training is a great way to increase your endurance and can increase aerobic capacity in just two days of training. This is a low intensity class. We’ll focus on endurance training, strength training and all-over body toning. You’ll be doing functional movements and core exercises while working large muscle groups to get your heart rate up.  The class flies by and no muscle goes untouched. Bring water, a mat, towel, 5-8 lb. hand weights.

Strength Training

Provides a complete workout that will help tone and reshape your body. This class uses light weights, bands, bars, your own body weight, standing and floor work, and core exercises to help you sculpt and tone. Bring mat, water, 5-8 lbs. hand weights, and sneakers.

Calori Burn Cardio

A class designed to raise your heart rate, burn calories, and increase metabolism.  The class will include faster paced exercises including functional movements, core work and a total body workout.  Bring a mat, sneakers, light weights and water.

Cardio Kickboxing

A total body workout that utilizes martial arts techniques like kicks and punches at an upbeat pace to get your heart pumping.  Have fun while toning muscles and increasing balance and coordination.  Level feeling empowered.  Wear sneakers, bring mat and water.

Core Strength/ Cardio Core Strength

This functionally, fun class provides a complete workout that will help tone and reshape your body.  You will use light weights, bands and your own body weight to improve strength, flexibility, balance and stamina to sculpt and tone.  Bring a yoga mat, water, and light weights.

Low Impact Cardio-Strength

This class has all the benefits of our regular strength class (increased muscle tone, feel stronger and longer, increased balance and maintain joint mobility and range of motion), but it’s a little gentler on the body and joints. Plus, we add a cardio component. Good option for anyone active and aging, post-surgery (and cleared for movement), trying to maintain mobility with arthritis and working to maintain bone density. We want to keep you moving long term. Bring a mat, water and 2-5 lbs. hand weights to class.


This is a type of HIIT (high intensity interval training), based on a study that showed increased benefit by doing very short interval bursts for a short time. So after a warm up, this class increases intensity with Tabata-style intervals of 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. This workout engages aerobic and anaerobic systems for a full body, fat burning workout. The class will include cardio and strength training. While modifications will be given, this class is very challenging and may not be best for people with knee, ankle or chronic back pain. Bring a mat, water and sneakers.


This class is designed to build strength, increase endurance, and challenge the core.  With a series of strength training and cardio intervals, you’ll move through stations working the upper body, lower body, abs, and glutes.  Using functional movement, this class is a great form of cross-training for runners, athletes and anyone who loves to sweat.  Not a good choice for knee issues.  Bring a mat, water, and sneakers. Hand weights between 3-8 lbs are optional.

5K Training Program

Want to get into running or back into running? A 5K is definitely within your reach! Join us for a beginners-intermediate running program that will help you train to complete a 5K race. Succeed as part of a group under the supervision and guidance of an experienced trainer/coach. This program culminates in a 5K Race (date and race determined by location). Race registration fee not included in the price.

Dance Classes

Cardio Dance Fit

A heart-pumping, upbeat, fun, dance class set to great music that will get your energy up.  We’ll use light weights and include some ab work–always a favorite.  This class is a fun way to move and tone.  Easy-to-follow steps and motivational.  You won’t want to stop moving.  Wear sneakers.  Bring a mat and water.

Adult Ballet Dance

A combination of classical barre, center work and dance combinations across the floor to strengthen and elongate muscles, improve posture, balance and discover the joy of movement.  It will lift, tone and sculpt as well as strengthen core muscles.  Exercises may be done standing at a barre (if needed based on location we use a chair instead of a barre) or standing free on the floor to enhance balance.  Some exercises may be done lying on the floor.  You’ll see graceful moves across the floor, small range and large range movements, ab-work, arm work and leg work —no part of the body goes untouched.  Ballet Barre will help create long, lean muscles.  This is a dance class.

Belly Dancing

An introduction into the exotic world of belly dance. You’ll learn the fundamental core movements, incorporating stretching; proper posture; breathing techniques; core, hip and abdominal movements. The fundamental shimmies, traveling steps and basic undulations are taught all in an easy-to-follow format that will allow participants to build a strong foundation in the beautiful art of Belly Dancing. Introduction is also given to the different tools of belly dancing which includes – veils, finger cymbals, and cane. Various cultures, rhythms, and the different styles of belly dancing are briefly discussed. Mixed Level Class, bring water.

Yoga & Balance Classes

Core Balance

This functionally fun class will promote core awareness by strengthening the core muscles. You will work on balancing while using a flexband and your own body weight. This class will help improve your range of motion, posture and balance, while increasing flexibility. Bring yoga mat and water to class.

Hot Body Cool Mind

A fusion of yoga, Pilates, bodyweight and balance exercises to challenge the core and reshape the entire body! It’s a combination of some of the best body work available. Class starts off with a mini mediation and some balance work, and then progresses into a variety of other exercises to target your core, glutes and legs. Plan to leave feeling stronger and more relaxed. Please bring a mat, low hand weights and a water bottle. Mixed Level Class.

All Level Yoga

Unwind and recharge your batteries as your surrender into yoga poses designed to strengthen your core, build stamina and increase flexibility. Class will focus on connecting breath with movement and simple mindfulness practices.  Different variations of poses are offered, making this class fun, safe, and challenging for all levels.  Please bring a mat, a water bottle and any props (pillow, yoga block, blanket, etc.) that will add to your comfort. Mixed Level Class.


Movement is great for the body, but variety is really helpful for the mind and the body. So this class incorporates a little of everything, changing day-by-day. You’ll see Yoga, Strength, Pilates, Interval, Barre, etc. Each day will be something new and different so your body never settles in to an old routine. Bring a mat, water, sneakers, so you are prepared.

Gentle Yoga

In this gentle yoga class we will focus on grounding the body. We will move slowly through sequences that will help relax and restore our mind and bodies. The practice will conclude with a short guided meditation. This class will be a great calming moment in your day. Please bring a yoga mat.  A blanket and any additional props that will make you more comfortable are recommended.

Family Yoga

This class creates awareness of the body and breath, combining functional movement with mindfulness. You’ll see a Warm Up and Centering, Physical Movement and Yoga Flow, followed by Cool Down and Relaxation. Although the class series is not progressive, the subsequent weeks may challenge each participant to take themselves to their next personal best in strength, stretching and balance.
This class will be fun for adults and children alike. Individuals or families of all ages are welcome. Must be able to get up and down off the floor. Bring your spouse, sibling, or child. Parents will help guide children under 8. Nine and above parents can participate with their child. Bring a yoga mat, water and any props that help you in yoga.

30-Day Movement Challenge

All Ages.  Do you feel busier than ever? Are you struggling to make time to exercise? Try our 30-day online program that you can do anywhere, anytime!  On October 1st, you’ll receive a workout calendar and eight 20-minute workout videos. For 30 days you will receive a daily exercise with tips to help you perform the moves correctly and exploratory questions to help you develop mindfulness around movement. Plus, it’s a daily reminder to get moving.  There’s also a Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback. The program has flexibility. You can do it from anywhere with access to YouTube. All the materials you receive, including video access, are yours to keep forever. With guidance for beginners and exercise enthusiasts alike, this program is an exciting way to get moving and develop new habits to last a lifetime!

All group classes last 45-60 minutes. Private classes can be 25-minutes, 45-minutes or 55-minutes.