Eyes on the Prize…How to Make Exercise Easier

I’m not sure I’m an Eyes on the Prize kind of workout person.  No doubt when I’m running a race, the second that finish line comes into view I’ll hone in on it, and I’ll run faster.  But I’m not sure that makes running easier or more fun for me.

That's me in the blue focused on the finish line That’s me in the blue focused on the finish line

Half the fun is looking around and not being focused.  The distraction of nature or talking to a friend is part of what gets me out there in the first place.

Now, send me on a hike instead, and I have to work to simply enjoy the serene surroundings.  I want to reach the top and only then can I stop and enjoy my surroundings fully.  So perhaps, the scenario matters.

But if you are someone who doesn’t like exercise or movement, this video might be helpful.  It proves that you can change your perceptive about how bad exercise is.  You can change your motivation by coming up with realistic goals.  If you are starting a walking plan or a running plan or a biking […]

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Jealous of food bloggers

I’m jealous of food bloggers.  It’s so easy to entice people with pictures of delicious looking food that makes us salivate.  We want to read.  We want to get the recipe.  I could stare at pictures of food for longer than is probably healthy.

Come for the Pancakes. Stay for the health. Come for the Pancakes. Stay for the health.

I write a fitness blog.  I have to convince people they want and should like to move.  They don’t come to me necessarily loving exercise the way so many of us love food.  I can’t just post pictures of delicious food that encourages people to read further.  And if I posted pictures of incredibly sexy women, I may get accused of a variety of things including sexualizing women.  And, besides most of us don’t want to devote the time and follow the strict diet restraints to get ourselves to look like a model, myself included.  And, really, I’d rather look at food.  A beautiful picture of a woman in a blog or in a magazine is rarely what motivates me to move.

I don’t really want people to be motivated by a perfect-seeming body.  […]

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Stay Healthy This Winter

I like winter because it’s a good time to curl up with a good book and hibernate a bit.  Falling asleep at 9pm doesn’t seem so bad when it’s already been dark for five hours.  But winter can also make it harder to get up and work out and easier to eat warm, greasy comfort foods.  Here are some tips for staying active and healthy this winter:

·         Take up a winter sport.  I recently discovered and love cross country skiing.

·         Make soup.  It’s warm, and good, and easy to incorporate veggies.

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As Easy As Riding a Bike

The group of friends I run with decided we should do more cross training (we should).  It was decided we would add bike riding to our routine.  I’m not a fan of bikes ever since I was twelve and I rode into a fence and flipped over on my bike.  It doesn’t help that I grew up on a busy road.  To keep me safe my parents painted a white line at the end of the driveway that I was not allowed to ride passed.  That meant my biking basically consisted of riding around in circles in the driveway, which made biking dull and made me afraid of riding on the road with traffic.  So I pretty much haven’t touched a bike in over seventeen years.  I don’t even own one.

For this adventure I borrowed an old bike from my parents.  The rear tire needs to be inflated before every ride.  There are gears which I’ve […]

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Mind & Body

Remember that what you do with your body effects your mind. I see this constantly in myself. If I skip exercise, I start to feel frustrated and antsy. When I keep active I have more energy, stamina and am considerably happier.

But it works the other way too. What you think with your mind effects your body. If you think you can’t do something, you won’t be able to. If you think you can, you probably can. So next time you go to a challenging class, or take a long walk, or whatever you do physically, tell yourself you can.

Nell McAndrew at the finish.

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