What is fascia?

What is fascia?

Drink fluids for healthy fascia!

This month we are highlighting fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that runs along every surface of the body, encasing the organs, muscles, and other soft tissue like a sausage casing or the sections of an orange—where each large and tiny segment of juice is held together by a sleek, thin film.  So the muscles themselves are encased, but so is each muscle fiber.  Fascia is everywhere in our body. There are different types of fascia in your body that serve different purposes.

Fascia helps us move.  It helps make us glide so that when we move our skin, tendons, and muscles don’t stick to all our other parts.  Each part can slither smoothly alongside each other.  Fascia can help the muscles do their job.  When healthy fascia remains springy (for lack of a better word) in movement, the muscles can use less energy and won’t fatigue as quickly because the fascia takes some of the burden of force and helps the body return to its “normal” shape.  Fascia is your friend for all kinds of movement.

Recently it was “discovered” that a particular type of […]

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Fascia & Chronic Low Back Pain

Supporting the legs will often make it easier to do a pelvic tilt from the abs.

If you are prone to low back pain, you might want to consider fascia as the culprit, especially if an X-ray and MRI reveal that nothing is wrong. 

Fascia is the connective tissue that runs along and encapsulates everything in our body.  Research has shown that people with chronic low back pain have lumbar fascia that is about 25% thicker than people without pain. 

What should you do if the lumbar (low back) fascia might be causing your pain?

1)       Massage

Find a qualified good massage therapist.  An effective massage does not have to feel like torture.  You don’t have to opt for a sport massage, unless that’s up you alley. 

2)       Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate

Like most of our body our fascia needs […]

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Move More

Just me trying to get my feet behind my head and stay relaxed at the same time.

I love to move. I’m always looking for ways to move more throughout the day.  This month on a whim I’ve been doing an Instagram challenge to try a different, assigned yoga pose every day.  Some of the moves feel great.  Other days I look at the way I’m supposed to contort myself and I just laugh.  I haven’t been able to get my feet behind my head since I was six months old.

Most days I play with movement.  I have some monkey bars and I experiment with what I can do with them.  I try to feel what my clients say they feel on certain exercises.  While taking a walk, I check to see if my butt is involved in each step.  When I breathe, I experiment with where I can send my breath.  When watching television, I roll around on Yoga Tune Up balls.  Movement is a game for me.  Discovering what, where and when can I fit movement into my day makes me happy.  I enjoy the challenge.

To some degree this […]

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Michael Phelps is Cupping. Should You?

Perhaps less nice to look at than Michael Phelps, but a textbook from 1692 showing cupping. Perhaps less nice to look at than Michael Phelps, but a textbook from 1692 showing cupping.

The world is atwitter with Michael Phelps’ 22-gold medals and the black and blue circles all over his body.  While seeing these spots all over Olympic swimmers makes it seem like a new fad, it’s certainly not new.  Ancient Egyptians appear to have practiced cupping.  It’s been recorded in Chinese practice since around 281 A.D.  In George Orwell’s 1929 essay, How the Poor Die, he described seeing the cupping technique used on a patient, but he thought it was strange, something from old medical textbooks that was only done on horses.  If cupping becomes a standard practice, we can probably thank Michael Phelps’ trainers.  It’s never had so much media attention.So Michael Phelps is cupping, but should you?

There are two types of cupping, dry and wet.  Wet cupping involves mild suction, using heat inside a small jar-like object placed on the skin to draw up the skin followed by small cuts to let blood drain.  I would NEVER do wet cupping.  […]

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Foam Roller

I’ll admit not everyone loves the foam roller as much as I do.  It’s a great way to get a good work out and challenge your balance and stabilizer muscles, but more than that it can massage you and your achy fascia!  But that is the part not everyone is a fan of sadly.  One most people have never heard of fascia and then when they actually get down on to roller to massage the fascia, tendons, and muscles they don’t always love the way it feels.
It can feel a bit intense.  Some people describe foam rolling like the feeling you have when you press on a bruise.  Why would you want to do that?  Because it’s good for you and it won’t leave a bruise.  I think it hurts in a good way.  But […]

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