Five Fun Fall Activites to Keep Moving

Getting outside and moving also means enjoying the fall color! Getting outside and moving also means enjoying the fall color!

Fall is my favorite season. The air becomes a little more crisp, the leaves start changing into beautiful colors, hot apple cider and pumpkin spice appear everywhere and there are so many fun fall activities.  It’s also the time of year when I admit defeat to the cold and begin to turn on the heat and find myself wanting to do nothing more than curl up with a blanket, some soup, and a good book. However, even as the days get shorter and the night gets darker earlier and earlier, it’s still important to remember to incorporate movement into the day. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep moving this fall:


1) Take a Hike

My new birthday tradition with my best friend is going to The Sleeping Giant Park in Hamden, CT. Last year we planned a 3 mile hike that turned into 6, but it was a great unexpected adventure. I’ve also had fun trips to the top of Castle Craig Tower (where I swear I can see […]

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Summer is Ending!

Summer will be over before you know it.   I keep wondering why people are talking to me about September already and then I realized the other day that it’s less than a month away.  The days are getting shorter (which always makes me sad) and the nights are getting cooler (which I’d love if it didn’t mean summer was ending).  I can’t believe it’s already mid August (almost).

So with only a couple weeks of summer left, what are the items you absolutely want to check off this summer that you haven’t gotten to yet or that you want to make sure you fit in once more?  For me, this is what I hope to make time for in the next couple weeks.

·         A swim in my mom’s pool

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First Fall Weekend

Fall is officially here. This season has some of the best weather for being outside. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Fall is just right. So how can you take advantage and be moving at the same time? Here are some of my favorite ways.

• Hike (I love Devil’s Hopyard and just recently discovered the blue trail at Castle Craig)
• Walk a town green
• Get one last walk on the beach in
• Run with a friend
• Pick Fruit in a local orchard, but walk to the fruit and skip any hay rides to the fruit
• Bake a pie from scratch—skip out on electric mixers and mix by hand for a slightly higher calorie burn
• Take your favorite exercises (pilates, yoga, kick boxing) and do some moves outside in a nice park

(Picture: Me and my dad hiking last fall.)

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