Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Last year was the first Thanksgiving and Christmas that I spent the holidays Gluten-Free. And it was the first time in my life that I felt good at the end of the day and not like I needed to purchase new pants. Every year by the end of the day on Thanksgiving, I’m ready to burst. So I could make the suggestion that everyone be G-Free this holiday (no stuffing, no gravy, no cornbread, no pie). But since I’m thinking of indulging in some gluten this year, myself, I don’t feel right making that suggestion. Here’s what I will suggest to help you feel at least a little bit better this Thanksgiving:

  • Drink only water. (It’s a huge calorie savor, sorry.)
  • Move. Before the day starts walk, run or do Pilates or Yoga. Or between dinner and dessert do what some of my family members do—take a walk or a short hike.
  • No seconds. I fail on this every year, but maybe you’ll have better willpower.
  • No dessert (or only one dessert). Instead of having each type of pie, pick one pie.
  • No appetizers served before the meal. Turkey Dinner is so good, who needs these?
  • Sign up for a fitness class on Black Friday—instead of […]