Happy Halloween: What To Do With Your Candy

Here are five things you can do with your Halloween Candy besides eat it…

1)      Throw it away

2)      Bring it to work so someone else eats it

3)      Donate it to a local charity

4)      Science experiment: separate all the different types and see which rots first or in the worst way, which may turn you off […]

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Don’t Eat It!

The way you talk about food might help you stay away from foods you know you shouldn’t be eating.  Are you on a diet so you’re cutting out sugary foods or do you have celiac disease so you can’t eat gluten?  Next time someone offers you a treat that you shouldn’t be eating, instead of saying, “I can’t eat that,” tell them “I don’t eat that.” 
It just might retrain your brain.  It puts the decision not to have the food in your hands.  You aren’t missing out on something.  It’s not that you can’t have it.  You could if you really wanted to.  It’s like a vegan.  They would say, “I don’t drink milk.”  It’s a clear and distinct choice.  Say Don’t instead of Can’t and you just might change the way you think about your food choices.
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Slow Eating

It’s pretty much general knowledge that if you eat slower, you’ll probably eat less. With slower eating you are paying more attention to what you are doing and you notice when you get full. So here are just some tips to help you eat slower:

• Use chopsticks (especially if you aren’t good with them).

• Close your eyes (turns out people who eat while blindfolded eat on average 22% less—who knew?)

• Try using your non-dominant hand.

• Eat snack foods like chips and pretzels and popcorn one at a time instead of a handful or mouthful.

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Challenge Update Food

I’m not sure that I dealt with food enough this year in my challenge to get in the best shape of my life. I planned all these challenges, but thought little about what I would eat. And to some degree, while I was in the midst of a challenge it really didn’t matter. Well, I was burning calories, which was good, but what I put in my body is still important.

My problem is, I LOVE TO EAT. And I’m not good at curbing that. Lately, even though my exercise output has been less my food output hasn’t changed. And all I seem to want is saltly and sweat stuff. Give me guacamole with chips or chocolate and I’m a happy girl. Those seem to be my three favorite foods of late.

I’ve been trying to eat well Monday through Friday afternoon. Eating well for me means no desserts or sweets (other than fruit), trying not to overeat, a salad for one meal a day, reasonably healthy foods (not Chinese food or super greasy pizza, although I do make […]

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Season of Eating

Even though Thanksgiving was only last week, I feel like my holiday season started November 1st. I’ve been eating like it’s the holidays and working really hard to curb my food intake. And it doesn’t help that as the weather gets colder my cardio activity seems to be declining. I keep telling myself that I need to watch what I eat this month, but I’m not being a very good listener. My nagging is good and I appreciate the sentiment. I’m not wrong, but on some level I’m a little unrealistic. There are so many tempting goodies this time of year. I know I have an easier time adding workouts than curbing eating.

So here are some of the things I plan to do this month to help handle the abundant food I suspect I’ll be ingesting.

· Pull out my old Tae Bo Tapes
· Commit to Running at Least Twice a Week (pick the warmest days)
· Get to the Gym Once A Week to Swim or Walk the Treadmill (where I can catch up on some reading)
· Do an Extra Pilates Class Once A Week

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