Plank Story: You’ve Got to Feel the Car or Why I’m Incapable of Driving a Lamborghini Fast

Getting Ready to Drive Getting Ready to Drive

I raced a Lamborghini.  More accurately, I drove a Lamborghini around a small track at a mall parking lot in Pennsylvania, but it was awesome.  Some of our great friends wanted to take Matt to drive a fast car for his birthday, and I said if we were going I’d try too.  I’m not a car person, but why not?

I hadn’t thought much of it until a week before we were going when I woke up in the middle of the night, bolting upright in bed, realizing that it might actually be hard to drive a fast car through sharp turns.  I was right.

On our way to The Motorsport Lab and Experience, temporarily in Harrisburg, PA for our driving pleasure, I asked Matt whether I should choose the Lamborghini or the Ferrari.  It’s all the same to me.  He suggested the Ferrari—apparently everyone gets that a Ferrari is fast.  I’m not sure what most people think of Lamborghinis.  If they are like me, they don’t.  Then I got there and said, “Oh, which one is the yellow one?  I want to drive the […]

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Dragon Boat is Over

Dragon Boat is officially over for the season. This is my first Tuesday without practice since mid June. I’m going to miss it. Last week we saw a bald eagle twice. It flew over our heads letting us know it wanted us to get out of its hunting ground. Last week the weather was perfect and it was a fabulous way to end the season. On Tuesday there was steam coming up off the water in mini spirals that looked like small tornados. It was a beautiful. I wish I had a camera.

One of the staff from Riverfront Recapture (who organizes the race and lets us use a boat for practice) reminded us that while some people were starting their day tense, gripping the steering wheel while driving to work, we were calm and out on the water enjoying nature. I love starting Tuesdays and Thursdays with Dragon Boat all summer.

You can’t beat it. It was a fun season. It helps that we raced so well in Hartford. We came in second place, .03 […]

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Missing Dragon Boat Practice

The Dragon Boat season will officially come to an end later this month, but until then we’ve gone down from two practices a week to one practice every week. This is my second Thursday morning without Dragon Boat, and I miss it.

The team, the practices, the racing–everything about it was so much fun. I can’t wait until next June to start again.

And until then, I feel like I need another sport or activity to fill my time from 6:30-7:30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Any ideas? Must be something active and fun and I’d really like it if there was a team involved.

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All About Dragon Boat

So last Saturday was my first Dragon Boat race. If you take my classes you probably heard all about it during plank. It was awesome, especially because my team did so well and paddled together in such syncopation.

I really enjoyed the day. I especially enjoyed coming in third (with only a few seconds between us and first place) out of forty-some-odd teams, but that is my competitive spirit shining through.

What shocked me the most was how tired I was. I’ve played sports most of my life, and, in the case of field hockey, you spend an hour on the field running around in a squat position. Once the season got going, I played in games two to three times a week and didn’t feel particularly sore after the game (and I put my all on that field–it […]

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Dragon Boat Race –Video

If you have an interest in watching the full video of our first race, this is it. You have to stick with it because the beginning is slow and you can’t tell which boat we are, but we are in lane two (lane one is closest to the people filming). While you can’t really see our form, you can hear my sister say, “They are really in sync”–or something to that effect. You can definitely see us win.

Best of all, listening to my family’s commentary is amusing. Enjoy and check in tomorrow for more stories about the actual race.

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