Dr. Oz Says No Melatonin for Sleep

I think I have to stop watching Dr. Oz.  All the tips make me feel like I’ll never actually be healthy.  The show makes me more worried about what I’m not doing for my health than provide a boost of confidence about what I do right.  (Please don’t get me wrong.  I like Dr. Oz and think he has good intentions.  My issues are totally my own idiosyncrasies.)

For example there was a recent show on why melatonin is bad for you.  Melatonin is a sleep aid.  They couldn’t definitely say anything bad that melatonin does other than not working.  I started taking melatonin this year occasionally at least partially on a Dr. Oz recommendation.    His show was accurate in displaying how you get so desperate for sleep that you’ll do anything.  I was pretty desperate when I sought out melatonin.
I don’t have a problem falling asleep.  I have […]

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Cold Shower: Days Three, Four, Five & Six

I cheat.  I take a fully hot shower just the way I like it but turn the water to cold for 30 seconds in the middle.  I try to stay under for 15-second each side.  But most of my body is hanging out of the cold water.  I screech the entire time.  Matt laughs and tells me my noises are too inappropriate to do this when we have house guests over the weekend. 
After 30-seconds I turn the water back to hot and warm up.  I find that my face feels really good after the splash of cold and so I don’t hit my face with hot water again.  Still, I know I’m cheating.  I’m nowhere near the three minutes Dr. Oz’s guest  recommended.  Half my body is always hanging out of the […]

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The Cold Shower

My competitive nature couldn’t resist.   I’ve pondered taking cold showers in the past. I’m familiar with traditions in Sweden and Finland where people will move from a sauna to an ice bath.  I’ve never really taken the time to find out why this would be beneficial or if it actual is, but have always found it intriguing.  My boyfriend takes a cold shower.  He swears by it.  And recently my PCP recommended it to help give my potentially underactive thyroid a kick-start.  Still, when push comes to shove, I only ever really considered it for a second and then determined that I love my warm showers.  I look forward to them and there is no reason to torture myself with a cold shower.
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Pelvic Prolapse: The Pelvic Floor & Pilates

This blog is by request. A client said she saw this Doctor Oz show (the video is in three parts) where they discussed pelvis prolapse and she thought it was a very important topic that women are probably uncomfortable talking about if they even know about it. She asked me to spread the word.

I’ve heard of pelvic prolapse because I know of women who have had it. Pelvic prolapse is when the rectum, uterus or bladders falls out of the vagina. It can vary in degree. In pilates we work to engage the pelvic floor in every exercise—a good habit for men and women—and one way to attempt to reduce pelvic prolapse.

While I’m not sure how accurate these numbers are, I have read that 30-50% of women have some degree of pelvic prolapse. Most of these women have had children, a hysterectomy, and/or are over the age of 40 and past menopause. It is also true that up to 50% of women have difficulty engaging their pelvic floor (kegel muscles) on command. The two situations are obviously linked.

So if this is something you are concerned about, you should talk to your doctor and […]

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