Triathlon Training Part II

I got my lazy behind to the gym, with the realization that I had completely ruled out learning how to do the crawl before August 4th.  I will be doing this tri with the breast stroke.  I’m not out to win it, just finish, so my stroke really doesn’t matter.  Multiple friends provided tips on how to do the breast stroke more effectively.  For example, apparently your body should be as vertical as possible.  It should not go through the water, like mine, at an angle that creates drag. 

I shoved ear plugs in my ears because I hate getting water in my ears—that neurosis stems from multiple ear infections as a kid.

Within a half a lap I came to the realization that I had never, in my entire life, attempted to swim hard.  I had only ever gone swimming recreationally.  Even if I raced anyone it was to the other side of an above ground pool—less than half a lap […]