All is right with the world with this addition to our family–now that’s a little perspective!

After a whirlwind trip to Texas to visit my brother and sister-in-law before they became parents, my family and I flew back to Logan airport in Boston and called the shuttle to take us to our car.  Twenty minutes later, no shuttle.  Twenty minutes later, still no shuttle.

Hangry, sleep deprived, and generally irritable, I was growing more and more frustrated with the shuttle service.  In our modern world, I struggle with unnecessary inefficiency and unknowns.  It’s not a trait I love about myself.  Nearly twenty minutes later, the shuttle still hadn’t arrived.  Each time we called, the service would tell us to stay put, suggest we wait outside in the frigid New England cold, and hang up on us.  I sat down on the baggage carousel utterly exasperated.

Then I saw a man my age or a little younger walk by.  He had one leg, and I thought, “Oh, I’m okay.  My life is great. I can wait for this shuttle.”  It was a little perspective on how good and easy my life actually was.  Sadly, […]

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Fatherly Advice

Earlier this year my best friend’s father passed away unexpectedly. Julie has been my best friend since elementary school, so her whole family played a role in my childhood, and I was grateful that even though we are all grown up her parents were still in my life.  His death was news I wasn’t ready for—one of the deaths I’ve had to live through that shook me.  The loss made me especially appreciative to have my father.  Moments after hearing about Julie’s dad, I called mine, happy to hear his voice. This father’s day, at Julie’s suggestion, I thought I write about some of the amusing fatherly advice I’ve received over the years.

From Julie’s Dad

Mr. Wernau’s advice stands out.  I’ve thought about it daily since the moment he filled my thoughts with horror.  Julie and I were in high school. Her dad was driving us somewhere so we were a trapped audience.  He must have been having a rough day because he announced, “Girls, enjoy every good BM you have because one day will be your last good one.”  I cringed at “BM” because I detest the term, but I took his […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

There are many reasons why I’m grateful I had the mother I had.  Here are just some in honor of Mother’s Day!


Me and my mom, my mom and me

My mom has always been a great advice giver.  She taught me to never let them know they are getting to you. When things didn’t go my way, she encouraged me to see the humor and the story in the event. She always encouraged me to pursue dreams without letting me think they are easily attainable.

No Pressure

My mom expected us to try our best, but there was no pressure to do better or be a straight A student for the sake of getting A’s or killing ourselves.  She has always balanced work with fun and encouraged relaxation—a trait I’m still trying to learn from her.  I admire her ability relax.  It’s vital to our health and we don’t give enough credit for those who don’t sweat the small stuff.  The older I get, the more I appreciate this about my mother.  Not just because it is a good trait, but because I was born a type-A, go getter who could burn the […]

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Instructor Highlight: Ashley

Personal Euphoria Instructors - AshleyAshley has been a longtime member of the PE team.  You can find her in Glastonbury, Rock Hill, and Newington.  She teaches practically everything, but our clients love her strength classes especially.

Get to know about Ashley:

When you aren’t teaching what are some of your favorite ways to move? 

Hiking, swimming, taking other classes, and strength training at the gym. 

What song motivates or picks you up the most?

I don’t necessarily have one specific song but anything Pop or Hip Hop usually gets me moving.

Favorite Food?


Time you normally crawl into bed?

I try to be in bed by 10pm.

What skill would you like to master?

Knitting or playing the guitar.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

Going to see the northern lights.

Favorite season?  Why?

Fall, the beautiful colors and crisp, refreshing air,

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Failure is part of the process of life.  When something knocks you down, don’t be afraid to get back up and try again.  

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Do you love hiking too?  Read more about a recent hiking trip by clicking here.

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Six Tips for Eating Healthy

Playing with my food.

After a yet another month of mindful eating, I’ve come up with six tips for eating healthy.


Being busy definitely helped me stay on track.  It is much harder to eat right on the weekend when there is no set schedule, but lots of fun activities.  In some ways that’s a sad statement.  It is almost like saying I eat when I’m bored.  But there is one tool I’ve always used that sometimes works and sometimes does not.  If I want to eat and I think it’s just for the sake of eating, I take a walk or start doing some exercise.  If afterward I still want the food I can have it.  If nothing else, at least I’ve added more movement before eating something I perhaps should have skipped.

Planning & Prep

Having healthy snacks ready and on hand makes all the difference in the world.  Junk food is very easy to grab.  The good news is if pressed for time, there are locations that we can buy premade healthy options.  For me, nuts was an easy snack to have around.  But if you are a cheese lover maybe […]

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