Body Shaming Yourself

Have you ever looked back at a picture of yourself from a few years ago and thought, “I looked good.” But you know that at the time you thought you weren’t good enough. The day of the picture you told yourself you had a bad hair day, thick arms, or weight to lose. We get caught up in body shaming ourselves in little ways, never really thinking we are good enough at the time.


I selected the picture here at random.  It’s from 2014 or earlier.  This is an example of a picture that I see now and think I look fine, but at the time I thought I had all sorts of ways to improve myself.  Now, when I catch myself thinking I don’t look good, I try to look at myself from the perspective of Maggie from five years from now.  I’m pretty sure she’s thinking I look great.

Sharing What’s Good

Not long ago I read an article about how women meet up with friends and complain about themselves. They never show up and say, “I look great today,” or “I’m having a great hair day.” Part of that is societal. […]

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Plank Story: Strut Zone

This spring I’ve had a weird obsession with the turkeys living in my backyard. About a year ago, I watched a male turkey strut his stuff in the field behind our house. With his chest puffed out, his tail feathers enshrining him, and shimmering iridescently in the sun, he paced back and forth while two female turkeys pretending not to notice. I watch this sad state of affairs far too long and then just felt bad for the guy. Clearly, these coy ladies who would glance his way and then turn away were not interested.

About six weeks later a female turkey trotted through my yard followed by a flock of chicks. His display had actually worked. Since that time we have had 11 turkeys living in our yard. They sleep about 40-feet up in the trees behind my neighbor’s house. They lay claim to the yard throughout the day perched on the fence between our yard and my other neighbor’s. In winter they leave tracks in the snow. And, earlier this year one female turkey chased me out of my own backyard—a display of both her character and mine that I […]

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Plank Story: Tongue Tied

My dad has a Boston accent that Siri struggles to understand. After he talks a text and clicks send without rereading it, a nonsensical message of gibberish lands in my family’s group text. My siblings and I race to translate what he actually means. When I got a text from him that read, “I appreciate your blood this morning,” I could not figure out the meaning, so I asked. Blood was intended to be blog. He’d read my blog and liked it.

In addition to his misunderstood accent and technical difficulties, sometimes my father stumbles over words. Most recently this has been a problem with his newest grandson, my sister’s son. His name is Quentin, but my father calls him Quintin. Qui vs que. To my dad’s credit, I tend to want to say Quintin over Quentin too. The que doesn’t roll off my tongue and I have to think about it. But since Quentin’s birth, I have witnessed this conversation multiple times:

Dad: How’s Quintin?
Sister: Dad, it’s Quentin.
Dad: Right, what did I say?
Sister: Quintin.
Dad: Yeah, that’s right.
Sister: No, it’s Quentin.
Dad: Isn’t that what I said?

Like Father Like Daughter

My family teases my dad […]

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I have been on a Low FODMAP’s diet since January 2nd.  Commencing immediately after the season of sugar, gluten, chocolate, carbs, gravy, chocolate, eggnog, and did I mention chocolate?

Forced into a Healthy Lifestyle

This diet is not by choice, although I guess no one can make me do it.  My gastroenterologist prescribed it.  I keep getting this frustrating gut bacteria called SIBO.  You can delve deeper into that in my blog titled, “Gas or Menstrual Cramps.” It’s a tale filled with TMI and information you may never have wanted to know about my large and small intestine, or maybe you are super curious about intestines.

My doctor thought Low FODMAPS is so important that she prescribed me a dietician to explain just how I’m supposed to eat now.  Going into the New Year I did not feel like I was in the right mental place to alter my food lifestyle.  Like a little kid, I just didn’t wanna.  I keep reminding myself this is a LOW FODMAPs diet, not a NO FODMAPS diet.

Always Experimenting

This is not the first time I’ve tried a diet experiment.  Over the years, I’ve experimented with diets […]

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Setting Intentions

A few months ago I started taking a yoga class for the first time in about 17 years.  I’ve always struggled with holding poses in yoga.  I’m not so good at the stillness, so I’ve often stayed away from yoga.  For the most part, this power yoga class moves pretty fast and the moves are fun and challenging but manageable.  I’m really enjoying the class even though it requires me to get up early on a Sunday.  One of the aspects that I’ve come to really appreciate is setting an intention at the start of each class.


It gives me a focal point that I can return to when my mind wanders or I’m frustrated on my progress or discomfort in a pose.  I think, “Well, Maggie, your intention was to breathe, so focus there and see if it helps or what you notice” or “your intention was to find comfort, so ease off today and let it be comfortable”  This is a simple idea and no shocking surprise that it’s a way to refocus, but I definitely never appreciated that concept years ago.  And in a world that moves at a […]

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