Maggie’s Workout Routine

Of course you can always find me planking like here on the Turkish Steps in Sicily.

People occasionally ask what I do for a workout routine.  I like variety and my schedule changes seasonally.  But this is basically what I’ve been doing currently.  My calendar is marked with my workouts to give them a sense of priority.  Both my body and my mind need me to exercise.  When I skip workouts I turn into a gremlin.


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Ride a stationary bike for 30-minutes

Five to ten minutes of stretching

A private Pilates class


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk (ride the bike when it is cold)


Day Off


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk and stretch (in summer/fall the distance increases)


Kickboxing class or something high intensity


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Though not on the schedule, I try to walk 2 or more miles at least three day a week.  Winter weather can get in the way of that.  I also throw in 10-minute Pilates workouts—short workouts for myself or to post on YouTube.  After I ride the bike or run I usually do some Pilates because I like that […]

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As Easy As Riding a Bike

The group of friends I run with decided we should do more cross training (we should).  It was decided we would add bike riding to our routine.  I’m not a fan of bikes ever since I was twelve and I rode into a fence and flipped over on my bike.  It doesn’t help that I grew up on a busy road.  To keep me safe my parents painted a white line at the end of the driveway that I was not allowed to ride passed.  That meant my biking basically consisted of riding around in circles in the driveway, which made biking dull and made me afraid of riding on the road with traffic.  So I pretty much haven’t touched a bike in over seventeen years.  I don’t even own one.

For this adventure I borrowed an old bike from my parents.  The rear tire needs to be inflated before every ride.  There are gears which I’ve […]

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