Maggie’s Workout Routine

Of course you can always find me planking like here on the Turkish Steps in Sicily.

People occasionally ask what I do for a workout routine.  I like variety and my schedule changes seasonally.  But this is basically what I’ve been doing currently.  My calendar is marked with my workouts to give them a sense of priority.  Both my body and my mind need me to exercise.  When I skip workouts I turn into a gremlin.


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Ride a stationary bike for 30-minutes

Five to ten minutes of stretching

A private Pilates class


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk (ride the bike when it is cold)


Day Off


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk and stretch (in summer/fall the distance increases)


Kickboxing class or something high intensity


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Though not on the schedule, I try to walk 2 or more miles at least three day a week.  Winter weather can get in the way of that.  I also throw in 10-minute Pilates workouts—short workouts for myself or to post on YouTube.  After I ride the bike or run I usually do some Pilates because I like that […]

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Final Challenge Dilemma

So my final challenge was supposed to involve cross country skiing. I was hoping to get some practice in before finding a race to participate in, but unlike last year at this time we have no snow. And this weekend a 10-mile cross country tour I was going to take got cancelled in Vermont because of lack of snow. In February I’m going to New Hampshire for a Chocolate Festival where you ski from inn to inn to pick up chocolate, but I’m not sure that is going to count as a challenge. (Although, I could consider the chocolate as energy to get me through the next leg of the trek like goo on a marathon.) So I’m still searching for one final challenge that I need to complete and prepare for before March 27th.

While I’m at the chocolate festival some of my running buddies […]

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