Raw Cookie Dough

I share this story because I think it’s important to know that eating well and exercise doesn’t always come easy to me.  Exercise comes much easier than eating well.  I can eat healthfully; I love all sorts of food—good and bad.  I tend to eat too much of everything…

One of my dearest friends asked me if I’d ever eaten a sleeve of raw cookie dough.  “Ah,” I said.  “Let me tell you a little story…”

Since I have known Matt he has been very good at stopping before he’s full.  Matt can eat just two cookies.  My great grandma had this ability as well.  As far as I can tell, the gene that enables one to curb cookie consumption has skipped three generations so far.  Because Matt can eat two cookies and be done, when he purchases cookies, I often end up eating the rest.  So we’ve made a deal that is primarily adhered to.  We try not to keep […]

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Wife Carrying Contest

I want to participate in the Wife Carrying Contest. A few weeks ago in class, a client informed me that such a thing exists. She and her husband came in fourth place a few years ago. The concept seems thrilling to me (the carried), but less thrilling to Matt (the carrier).

Knowing this race existed made me consider getting married. But luckily you don’t have to be legally married to participate so Matt and I can totally compete in this race. Nowadays they don’t even make the guy carry the girl, which could end up being a problem for me.
I came home so excited and expecting Matt to be excited too. But what you must realize is that Matt and I basically weigh the same amount. We both weigh in under 140. Matt is pretty convinced that anyone who would do well in […]

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