Fun with FitBit

I got my FitBit on. I got my FitBit on.

I’ve had a FitBit for years.  When I first got it, it inspired me to move more, I think.  (Maybe there is a previous blog that would reveal the answer.)  I haven’t worn it for years, but then my little sister got me back into it by inspiring me with competition.  She must know me.

You can now download and app and invite friends to compete in challenges to move more.  This is sort of my dream in life.  The competition aspect  changes the way I operate.  I’ve thrown in an extra walk around the block.  I’ve even caught myself pacing while chatting to get extra steps.

Most importantly, I’ve learned I’m not as active as I think.  I consider myself pretty active.  I teach Pilates, after all.  I’m up and down off the mat, pulling and adjusting springs.  I feel like in my classes I’m always moving.  But after teaching three back-to-back classes Ill only earn 600-800 steps.  That’s not great.  And it’s brought my attention to how much I sit.  Since half my job involves running the business, I’m at the computer […]

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Try Not to Compare

I know it’s hard not to compare yourself to others in a group class. We see someone else doing something and we want to be able to do it too. I get that. I’m pretty competitive. But the problem is there is more than just our level of strength that may make us need to do an exercise at a different level.

Think of the roll up. If you have short legs and a long torso, you have a lot of weight to lift and not much to help counter balance you. No matter how strong you are, this exercise will always be harder for you that someone with longer legs or someone who is similar in size on the top and the bottom.

When I went to the psoas workshop last week I learned that depending on where the psoas connects to the spine it get affect how you move. The psoas can connect to your vertebra at T12 or L5 (which I knew), but what I didn’t know is that if it is lower […]

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