Do You Need A Coma To Inspire You?

When I ran the Surftown Half Marathon in September I ran about a mile with a guy I’d never met.  We struck up a conversation because he was thinking of doing a RagnarRelay and I was wearing a Ragnar Relay t-shirt.  I’ve decided an amusing shirt is a good tool on a long run.  It becomes a conversation piece.  Next time I’m going to try to come up with something even better than an old Ragnar shirt.

As we chatted he told me that he had a snowboarding injury that left him in a coma.  The doctors gave him a list of activities he’d never be able to do again.  So he decided to prove them wrong.  This year he was running a half marathon and training for a triathlon to prove he could run, swim and bike.  He’d never done any of these activities prior.

After a mile, I slowed down and we parted ways, but in a brief time a man I didn’t […]

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