Instructor’s Personal Journey: Jessica

Honestly I never even knew what pilates was until I saw an infomercial of Windsor Pilates! I had just graduated from college and had gained my fair share of weight from all those snacks while studying, so I knew I had to do something. I had grown tired of the typical gym routines I had been doing, so seeing the infomercial piqued my curiosity. I ordered it and fell in love!

Then I began working out at Healthtrax where I was able to take classes with Maggie and my passion for it grew. Maggie is the one who first suggested that I look into becoming an instructor, but with my busy schedule I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. I kept it in the back of my mind for some time until it was suggested again. I decided to at least give it a try because I love it so much and thought it would be really great to share something I love with others.
It had made such a good impact on my health, […]

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Swimming isn’t really up my alley, but since I’ve been running again (even though only two or three times a week), and since I’ve been doing a lot of sprints and jumping in the interval class I’ve been taking, I think the pool is where my body needs to be.

I’ve been meaning to get there for weeks, but just didn’t get up and go until last week. And man, I should have gotten there sooner. It felt so good. I swam 15 laps (there and back—I’m such a bad swimmer I don’t even know swim lingo and whether or not if you swam a lap people will assume you went there and back). I kicked on a paddle board for 10 laps and then I ran back and forth and did some jumping jacks.

When I was playing field hockey in college, our coach made us have pool sessions. We hated them because the other teams got a break when we had to swim, but our team had the fewest injuries all season. It’s a small anecdotal study, but I have believed in the benefits of swimming and water on joints ever since. You really don’t have […]