Cold Shower in Review

Okay—so maybe I’m not so good at sticking to my own challenges. There were a few days where I just totally skipped on the cold shower.

That being said, there is something I like about the frigid water after I’ve gone for a run. I think it helps cool me off. If you’ve ever seen me after running, my face is bright red and hot. It will stay that way and you can even sometimes see the red drain from my face over the next hour. The cold shower helps speed that process up.

Every day that I took a cold shower I liked the way it felt on my face. I recommend hitting your face with cold water near the end of your shower. I still don’t like the way it feels on the front of my body. It makes me think of everything I’ve learned about the body—how the front line is the protector—we […]

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Cold Shower: Day Seven

I conveniently forget my challenge until I am out of the shower and completely dried off.  Shucks.  On the one hand I see this as a positive.  I like myself enough to forget to torture myself.  On the other hand I’m disappointed that technically my challenge isn’t going very well.  Still there is always tomorrow. 
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Cold Shower: Days Three, Four, Five & Six

I cheat.  I take a fully hot shower just the way I like it but turn the water to cold for 30 seconds in the middle.  I try to stay under for 15-second each side.  But most of my body is hanging out of the cold water.  I screech the entire time.  Matt laughs and tells me my noises are too inappropriate to do this when we have house guests over the weekend. 
After 30-seconds I turn the water back to hot and warm up.  I find that my face feels really good after the splash of cold and so I don’t hit my face with hot water again.  Still, I know I’m cheating.  I’m nowhere near the three minutes Dr. Oz’s guest  recommended.  Half my body is always hanging out of the […]

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Cold Shower: Day Two

I am a morning person.  I am perky and chatty and happy in the morning.  But when my alarm went of this morning, I whined, “I don’t wanna.”  There was a chill in the air.  I was warm in bed and I didn’t want to get up and get into a cold shower.  It seemed like torture.  Why was I doing this to myself?
I still couldn’t set the dial all the way to cold (or even as far as I’d gotten it the day before), so I started in the middle again and worked back to colder and colder water, not even getting as far as the day before.  I didn’t wash my hair.  I was in and out in three minutes […]

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Cold Shower: Day one

I didn’t hop out of bed and get in.  I went for a run first and then did some chores.  Then I turned the water to cold.  But I couldn’t get in the water.  My reasonable side informed me I’d actually be foolish to step into freezing water.  So I turned the dial right between warm and cold and hopped in.  It was cold for me as I normally take steamy showers.   Slowly I made it colder and colder.  I washed my hair.  I shaved and nicked my legs more than I have ever before.  Shaving in cold water is a bad choice—whether it’s the shivers or the goose bumps something goes terribly wrong.
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