Let Me Eat Cake

This Saturday I ate three pieces of cake for dessert. Yup, three pieces. That is not a good choice by any standard. Cake isn’t a healthy food and three pieces is far from moderation. It was a bad choice. Anyone can recognize that. The problem is I think when a lot of us, myself included, make a bad food choice like that we feel like we should just throw in the towel and eat whatever we want for the rest of the day. Sometimes, if I make a bad food choice on a Tuesday I convince myself I’ve ruined the week and might as well wait until the following Monday to start again.

But obviously this isn’t the way to think about a food or exercise mishap. Making a bad choice should really incentivize us to get back on track. I’m not sure why our minds take advantage of the mistake. Most likely it’s probably just our way of […]

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Thanksgiving Goals

Don’t know whether or not I’ll stick to them, but here are some of my plans to make my Thanksgiving a little healthier. If you’d like to try any of these, feel free:

· Only drink water
· Cut my own SMALL piece of dessert (albeit every dessert)
· One serving of dinner (this is going to be hard for me, I know)
· Workout in the morning
· If the parade is on, be in motion; don’t just sit and watch it
· Take a little walk with one or more of my relatives between dinner and dessert

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