Dopamine, Oh How Happy You Have Made Me!

So I watched a documentary called Happy the other day on Netflix Streaming Live.  It didn’t have a lot of new information about what makes people happy—stuff like once your basic needs are met money doesn’t really make you happy, and doing things for other people helps make you happy.  Basically, some obvious stuff.  But it was short and a nice little reminder about where to find happiness.

One of my favorite points was that exercise created dopamine (the happy hormone).   According to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, exercise doesn’t just increase dopamine, it increases the number of dopamine receptors in brain so that you can actually enjoy the dopamine. 
Exercise does this, but so does changing up the routine—taking a different route when you walk, trying a new type of exercise or doing something silly like a fun run where you dress up in costumes. 
Do you have time for exercises in your schedule this week?  Remember it just might make you happier.
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Longing for Sleep

My sleep habits changed this year and it’s been a very challenging life change.  I have always been someone who filled my schedule.  I want to do and see everything.  I like being busy.  It’s one of the areas Matt, my boyfriend, and I differ.  I like to get up early and go, go go throughout the day, planning activities for almost every minute.  Matt, on the other hand, appreciates time to relax.  I’ve always laughed in the face of relaxing.  In the past, four days a year of good R&R were enough for me.

But when I started not getting good zzz’s that all changed.   In my exhaustion I needed more down time.  It wasn’t a choice.  I’d fall asleep doing things or be so exhausted I couldn’t enjoy them.  I started drinking caffeine.  It seems like I should say that with a whisper because if you know me, you know I really don’t drink anything caffeinated.  At least I […]

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Sleep vs. Exercise

I’ve always been someone who needed my eight hours of sleep, but I’ve also always been a person who got it.  Come nine or ten pm, I’d just fall asleep and sleep great through the night.  But over the past year, my sleep habits have changed.  I don’t sleep well anymore. 

It’s something I’ve been working on, but since I am also a morning exerciser, I’ve sometimes had to choose between sleep and exercise, both of which are extremely important.  When I go to bed at night and set the alarm, I regularly find myself choosing between an extra hour of sleep or getting up to workout.  It’s not an easy decision for me.  Lack of sleep can make me cranky, but so can lack of exercise.

Lately, I’ve been choosing sleep over exercise.  It’s a hard decision, but I can’t do anything well if I’m tired.  As someone who exercises for […]

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Life: The Constant Curve Ball

In my year of getting into the best shape of my life, I’ve noticed something. There is always an excuse—a birthday party, Thanksgiving, a super bowl game as to why I should have the day off from being healthy. I could come up with constant excuses. But the truth is that’s life. Life will always throw me a curve ball that will make it harder to be healthy.

Instead of taking the day off, I really need to find a way to make healthier decisions on days that are tough because those tough days are never going away. I need to learn to live with them. Since I was blessed with a large family I could probably have an excuse a week if you count birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Heck I celebrate my own birthday five different times each year. That’s five excuses in one month. […]

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Small Resolutions–BIG Difference

Here are some small changes you can make in 2012 to help keep maintain healthier habits.
1)      Eat more fiber—studies have shown that eating 24 instead of 12 grams of fiber made women intake about 90 calories less per day. 
2)      Do something different—variety in a workout is great for better balance and muscle health
3)      Butter or salt food on the side that will touch your tongue.  The flavor will hit you faster and you can use less of it.
4)      Make exercise […]

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