Sea Turtles Help Me Meditate

Meditate and Maggie should not be used in the same sentence.  I’m just no good at it.  And I’m not that interested either (which I think is a big part of the problem).  Still, I think the world and my body are both trying to tell me that I just might need some.  So I’ve been keeping my ears and eyes open for ways that might work for me.  And I found one in a rather unexpected place.
Earlier this month when I was in St. John, we snorkeled.  And it was almost impossible not to see sea turtles.  They are my new favorite animal.  Watching them swim is so calming.  They don’t look like they should be able to get off the sea floor with their heavy shell, but when they do they are so graceful and they […]

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Plank in St. John

Whenever I travel I like to find a fun or interesting back drop to do plank.  Changing up the location can always add some extra amusement to a workout.  Whenever we take a picture on a precarious location like a wall with a drop into the ocean behind it or on a paddle board, I try my best to make it look like I’m doing a good plank, but in reality it’s a lot of me falling over and laughing as Matt tries to get the picture and camera just so to create a perfect shot (which can take time). 
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