Curb Cravings

There are things you can do to help you curb food cravings.  Next time you really want something you think you might regret later, try one of these tips:

·         Keep blood sugar levels balanced by eating at regular intervals throughout the day

·         Eat a healthy breakfast

·         Stay away from artificial sweeteners

·         Manage stress

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Vegetables for Breakfast

When I decided to have vegetables at every meal, I was most worried about breakfast. I wasn’t sure what you could do besides eggs with some kind of vegetable tossed in or V-8. Those options are okay, except I don’t really like V-8 (although I found a low sodium, organic version at Whole Foods and it wasn’t terrible), and while I like eggs, I don’t want to eat them ever y day or even every other day. I was happy to find that there are other options. I loved the pumpkin muffin I had. I loved even more that the first ingredient was actual, real pumpkin. I think a bran, carrot muffin might be a good idea—both with a small glass of some kind of veggie juice. When I’ve gone to brunch breakfast often comes with a green salad, but I don’t usually associate breakfast with salad. Still, it’s an option. Clearly not a ton of variety here, but a little more than I was expecting. Plus, it got me thinking about options since I really didn’t just want […]

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Challenge: Vegetables in Every Meal

I’m not saying I’m going to continue eating vegetables at every meal, but as I write this I kind of want to. It was a fun challenge that made eating healthier a little easier. I was kind of excited to see if I could eat vegetables at every meal for one week. And excluding one breakfast, I was successful.

This was a lot more fun than my healthy eating challenge of no dessert for a month. And in truth I actually think I ate better. I certainly think I got more nutrients. Plus, I had a lot more variety in my meals. For breakfast I’m usually pretty basic—oatmeal during the winter nearly every day and cereal during the summer. It gets monotonous, but it’s easy.

Incorporating veggies made breakfast a little […]

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So now that I’m officially thirty the healthy lifestyle should be going strong, but it’s not. I think last week every meal I ate involved something chocolate and something fried. I started to wonder if fried chocolate existed and whether or not it would be good. But it’s a new month and I want to do better. I really do. I know it would be good for me to eat more vegetables, especially lately. So this week I am going to try and have vegetables at every meal. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how to fit vegetables into a tasty breakfast?


Need an Energy Boost?

Try these tips from Health Magazine to get motivated:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Smile (sometime faking energy can trick your body into thinking you have some)
  • Drink something cold
  • Spread out your caffeine consumption
  • De-clutter your home or office
  • Start moving
  • Put on some good, upbeat music
  • Make sure you’re well hydrated
  • Have a little dark chocolate
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