Movement is Maintenance

Body vs. Machine Body vs. Machine

Your body is not your car.  You can bring it in for regular checkups, but you can’t replace the parts anytime you want.  And if you need to and the part is available, it might be VERY, VERY expensive.

So do some regular maintenance (code for movement) and help your body feel better and last longer.

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Does Movement Feel Good?

When was the last time you went to a fitness class and it felt good?  Hopefully, the answer is, “Yesterday, I love the way my (insert class name here) feels every week.”  I hope you thought that.  I’m with you.  I love to move.  Throw me in almost any type of class and I’m going to enjoy it.  I’m happy in motion, probably to a fault.  But even when it feels good to move, it’s not always fun.

There is a free, silliness to movement that we tend not to hold onto as we age.  It’s been drilled out of us.  I watch my friend’s kids giggling over summersaults.  They will spin in circles until they collapse in a heap.  I’m not advocating circle spinning.  The thought of doing that now makes me nauseous.  The last time a rolled down a hill (about a decade ago) I learned that it is more torture than fun in my body.  Things change.  But kids get so much joy out of motion, and half the moves are concocted, on a whim and beyond goofy looking.  They don’t care.

I saw the video of this little girl, who was clearly enjoying herself dancing to a different beat […]

Does Movement Feel Good?2017-10-25T15:49:42-04:00