Happy Birthday: Personal Euphoria Turns Ten

Some of the PE team standing outside the studio.

Twelve years ago, I started teaching an evening Pilates class at Healthtrax in Newington.  After two years of teaching at the gym and completing my STOTT certification program, I left my job as Assistant Director of Education at the Mark Twain House & Museum to start my own Pilates company.

This was not an easy decision.  Working at the Twain House was mostly great.  The staff was fun and supportive.  I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people like Henry Rollins, Spike Lee, Hal Holbrook, and Ken Burns to name a few.  I still kick myself for not meeting Kurt Vonnegut when I had the chance.  And, perhaps best of all, I had a key to enter Mark Twain’s house pretty much any time I wanted.  I got to help decorate for Christmas.  I got paid to read.  I got to meet tourists and teachers from all over the world.  I gave all that up to teach Pilates and start my own business.  It was risky and scary.

When I left the Twain House I had one Pilates class.  Now my schedule is […]

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Plank Story: Matt’s Birthday Nap

Specter, AlabamaMatt is better at relaxing than I am.  I’m improving though.  This year on his birthday, as always, he got to pick the activities.  So we napped in the living room.  We napped in bed.  And we napped on the deck.  Sadly, this isn’t code for anything else.  We actually just took three names in one day and then went to bed around nine.  When we got in bed he said to me, “This was a great day.  We napped on the couch.  We napped in bed, and we napped on the deck.”  Cheap date.  I’ll remember that next year.

Clearly, we both needed some sleep.  And I know I’ve gotten more chill because once upon a time that kind of day would have killed me.

My plan for Matt’s birthday involved a trip to Specter, Alabama—the faux city from the set of Big Fish.  There he tossed his only pair of shoes up on the line running along the town limits.  We had to drive to JCPenny in stocking feet to go buy a new pair of shoes.

If you’re a Tim Burton, Ewan McGregor or Big Fish fan, check out […]

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Gluten Free Not Getting Easier

We celebrated birthdays at my Grandma’s house the other day.  Celebrations always seem to involve food.  Dinner is fairly easy to make gluten free.  Provide a meat, veggie, and potato and you’re all set.  Dessert is a whole other story.  I felt a little sad when my mom’s favorite carrot cake came out and I knew I couldn’t have any.  My grandma had gone to the trouble to make me a gluten-free cherry cobbler.  It was nice to have something for dessert, but I find that gluten-free desserts tend to lodge in your stomach like a lead brick where they linger for hours.

Some days it’s hard to know that there are things you just can’t eat.  Occasionally I drive by Dunkin Donuts and I just want to grab something quick.  It feels like the rest of the world (or at least the rest of New England) can do it.  I tell myself that it’s probably better this way.  There is not benefit or reason for me […]

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Five Years: Thanks to Our Instructors

This month marks Personal Euphoria’s fifth birthday.  It’s an accomplishment I’m quite proud of especially since we’ve been brining Pilates to people through one of the worst economies in the history of our country.

I couldn’t have done it alone.  For one thing if I didn’t have such wonderful clients I wouldn’t love my job as much as I do.  And if I didn’t have the great team of instructors, not only would Personal Euphoria not have as many fun clients, but my life would be less rewarding.  So I want to use this blog to say a couple nice words about all our current instructors.  None of these ladies can be summed up in a sentence or two, but I’ll try.  And if you take one of their classes, please feel free to add to this list of what makes these women fantastic.

Jeannine—was the first instructor to join Personal Euphoria.  She gave me the […]

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My Dad’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday. My Dad made a life change this year to lose some weight. He and my stepmom both started doing Thins In down in South Eastern Connecticut. They have been doing really well. My Dad has lost over 30-pounds. The diet is really strict and he eats a salad for lunch nearly every day.

I love and am proud of my dad no matter what his weight, but I’m really happy to have him losing weight for all the health benefits so that I can have him in my life for a long time. Basically, I want to get to spend many birthdays with my dad.

The best part is, he says he feels better. And really that is the most important reason to start any healthy lifestyle. But it has really been a life change with no days off.

Here’s to another year of health to my dad and everyone!

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