Educated Opinion on Bikram Yoga

So it turns out the fact that I was concerned about the heat in a Bikram Yoga was a fair concern. And the fact that I couldn’t find much information on it was because there really isn’t much information out there. Cathy, who teaches our Tolland classes and is also about to finish her graduate degree at UConn studying kinesiology brought the topic up with her professors and they agreed whether or not the heat is harmful os a good question. But it turns out, though having concern may have been valid, I probably didn’t need to worry too much since I’m reasonably healthy. Based on the response from Cathy’s professors is that it probably won’t hurt you, but you should be cautious both for the heat and the potential of overstretching. Here are two of Cathy’s professors’ educated thoughts on the matter: “I know of no concerns related to muscle injury while working in a hot environment. The body thermoregulates well under hot conditions as evidenced with training (cycling, running, military duties etc) in the heat. At some point however heat and dehydration result in thermoregulatory failure with heat stroke that is still too often fatal. We also know […]

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Bikram Yoga: Part Two

Heather was wise, she got there early and set us up near the door. The instructor seemed nice enough and told me that my only goal was to stay in the room for the full 90-minute class even if I didn’t do any of the poses. In Bikram Yoga you do 26 poses and two different breathing exercises and repeat everything twice. Her attempt at calming me didn’t really help because what I’d really wanted to hear her say was that it would be okay to leave if I felt uncomfortable at any point.

Another woman told me that she hated it her first time and then she came back and loved it. Then she looked at me and said, “But you look pretty fit. You’ll be fine.” I appreciate the comment, but it’s simply not true. I’m fit, but that doesn’t mean that without proper training I can run a marathon or ski or toboggan in the Olympics without killing myself. It’s an assumption people often make. I remember when I was younger and was a reasonably good field hockey player people used to be surprised to discover that […]

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Bikram Yoga: Part One

Last Sunday, the morning it snowed about three inches, I tried Bikram Yoga for the first time. I was really nervous. I can only stay in a sauna or steam room for about 10-minutes and then I usually get a sudden urge to leave. The urge doesn’t creep up on me. I need out of the hot space immediately.

I never really wanted to try Bikram Yoga because I heard that they frown on you leaving, so I basically assumed I would hate it. But a lot of my clients ask me what I think of it, and I feel inappropriate saying that it didn’t seem good to me when I’d never done it.

Heather who teaches our Bloomfield classes and subs has done Bikram Yoga, so she agreed to go with me—this was a few weeks ago. We made a plan to go to a morning class on a Sunday in Glastonbury at Bikram Yoga. I didn’t set my alarm because I’m normally up by 6am at the latest and the class wasn’t until 8, […]

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