Pilates–It’s About Balance

I always feel great after a pilates class. I feel like I received a full body workout, nothing is ever sore in a bad way, and I often feel like I grew an inch taller. These are reasons enough to do pilates, but one of things I most love about it is how it makes you start to think about your body in ways you never considered.

Pilates is designed to help your body combat life by attempting to balance the muscles. This is a hard task since gravity is constantly pushing our body in one direction or the other. There are so many imbalances—gravity, crossing one leg over the other all the time, carrying your handbag/briefcase on the same shoulder every day, always using the same leg to reach for the gas pedal. Our life poses a series of imbalances for the body (some more severe than others), and that’s unlikely to change. And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t want it to.

What makes pilates so unique as a form of exercise is that it is all […]

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