Pilates: Beginner vs. Intermediate

Maggie doing Spread Eagle on the Cadillac with Fuzzy Straps...Intermediate Maggie doing Spread Eagle on the Cadillac with Fuzzy Straps…Intermediate

Most of Personal Euphoria’s group classes are mixed level, but a couple of our towns offer intermediate classes.  People regularly ask me what the differences between beginner and intermediate classes are.  So here are some basic guidelines I like to follow:

  • Pilates Basic Principles

You know and are familiar with all the basic principles.  It doesn’t mean you absolutely have to have perfected each principle, but you know it when you hear it and while you may require a reminder, you can make the adjustment needed if cued to.  The general basic principles are: breathing, imprint vs. neutral, shoulder stability, neck placement during exercises, and knitting the ribs.  Again, this doesn’t mean that you never need to be reminded to relax your shoulders, but when you hear that reminder you are able to.  It doesn’t mean that you never feel an exercise in your neck, but when you do, you have ways to move your body to release that tension or you know to lower the head.

  • Control Imprint vs Neutral

This is […]

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Basic Principles of Pilates

If you are taking a Pilates class, you’ve probably heard about the basic principles, but do you understand what they mean?  Check out this video to learn more about the basic principles (breathing, neck, shoulder, rib and hip alignment).  Watch it more than once and practice with it until you have it down.  Still don’t get it?  Ask us or your instructors.

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The Pilates Basic Principles in Life

If you have ever taken a pilates class you have probably heard talk of the basic principles. Even if an instructor hasn’t called them that, they have probably told you to “engage your core,” “pull your belly button to your spine,” “engage your kegels,” “relax your shoulders,” “tilt your chin up or down,” or “knit your ribs.” There are thousands of ways to get people thinking about the basic principles of pilates, but the question really is do you consider them outside of pilates class?

Here are a few ways to start incorporating the basic principles into your day:

1) Engage your lower abdominals and kegel muscles at every red light, stop sign, when you touch a door knob, or while you are waiting for your Keurig Coffee.

2) When you are tense or cold, notice if your shoulders are shrugging up to your ears and try to relax them.

3) When sitting for long periods of time (in the car or at the office) do some pelvic tilts—rock your pelvis back and forth just a little to lengthen the low back and then return to a neutral spine.

4) Check in with your breath […]

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