The Bee Sting

Matt thought we were just going to feed the bees so he’d only collected a little material for smoking.  My plan was to pull out multiple frames, look for the queen, check to see that the frames were full with brood or honey and decide whether to add the first honey super.  Our bees are jam packed into the hive like I’ve never seen before.  They are clearly doing well.  But, since I hadn’t communicated my plan to Matt, we ran out of smoke after feeding and checking one heavy-with-honey filled frame, and we opted to close the hive.
I’d taken off my gloves and netted face mask when I realized we needed to change the entrance reducer.  When you first get the bees you block off most of the entrance to the hive, so that unwanted critters don’t get in and so that the new bees, busy trying to grow don’t have to protect such a large opening.
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Big Banana

Get your mind out of the gutter.  This blog post is actually about a literal banana.  I bought bananas today and they are double the size a banana should be.  And here is the problem I have with that.  I’m trying to eat healthier and watch my calorie intake and I am positive these are no 80-calorie bananas.  But a banana is not the type of fruit you can save for later.  So I either wind up eating the whole thing or composting half of it.
Why does everything we eat in this country seem to get larger and larger?  Are there people out there who really want bananas twice the size?  When I cut it up to put in my cereal, I basically have a bowl of banana.  If I eat it with peanut butter I get double the […]

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