Walking in America

So I found this interesting article on walking in America. Turns out there are people who actually study walking trends. Things like paths people take (moving to get into shade, cutting corners when possible, etc.) and speeds people travel (increasing speeds when walking past a bank and taking three stores to slow down to normal pace afterward).

It also talks about a woman from Georgia who was jaywalking with her 4-year old son. They were hit by a car, the son was killed and the woman was charged with more than the driver who hit them because she was jaywalking. I jaywalk all the time and I always assumed that if someone hit me they would ultimately be in more trouble than me.

But perhaps it is issues like this that explain why the average American walks about half as much as the average person from just about every other country. In America we take and average of about 5,000 steps per day while other countries are hitting 10-13,000 […]

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