Queen of the Sun–Honey Bee Colony Collapse

Years ago I used to get a group of friend together for a debate night.  It didn’t work.  Either we all agreed on a topic and the debate portion of the night ended early or people didn’t want to come because they thought they would feel too heated about the topic.  But a couple of weeks ago I went to a college friend’s house to watch The Queen of the Sun, an excellent movie on the colony collapse problem with bees, followed by discussion groups.  It is a brilliant idea to pick an important or relevant topic and have everyone get together to learn more about and then discuss the issue.  It was sort of like a book club but we got to read the book together that night.
The format of the night was fantastic and so was the movie.  As a novice bee keeper who lost all her bees last year, here are some of the highlights that stunned me.
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