Milk Substitute: Almond vs. Rice

There are a million milk substitutes. Okay, not a million, but Whole Foods has seven shelves of milk substitutes, which seems like a lot to me. Last week I drank rice milk in my cereal all week and it tasted fine—a little watery, but I’m used to skim milk so it wasn’t that bad of a transition.

Then I decided to do a blind taste test. I started with Almond Milk vs. Rice Milk. I thought I’d like the Almond better hands down and that it would be an obvious decision, but it wasn’t. The Almond milk tasted good on impact, but left a bad after taste. The rice milk tasted bad at first, but then left a good, sweet aftertaste (both were sweetened). So maybe it depends on what you are using the milk substitute for. In that case, only time will tell.
I’d like to stay away from soy milk because I’m not a huge fan of soy, but I’m open to suggestions about anyone’s favorite milk substitute.