Aging in Place

Joe Pilates Aging in Place. I think he's in his fifties in this picture. Joe Pilates Aging in Place. I think he’s in his fifties in this picture.

Aging in place is the concept that you can stay in your own home and community safely as you age.  Baby Boomers have started a trend of remodeling their homes to enable them to stay in one place as they get older.  We can make adjustments to our home, but what about to our bodies?

I’ve noticed a lot of family, friends and clients talking about getting older—movement feeling different in their body, new aches and pains they never had before, and certain exercises getting harder than they used to be.  Perhaps it’s just a phase and timing like when you are a certain age there is a year or two where everyone is getting married.  A few years later your schedule is packed with baby showers.  I guess I currently know a number of people that are hitting a milestone age that makes them stop, think, feel, reminisce, and remind them that time is fleeting.

It’s a challenge to know how to handle changes in […]

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Getting Older

I’m only thirty-one, so, I get it; I’m not that old.  But I’m not eighteen anymore either.  I always wondered how aging happens.  In the back of my head I think I always thought that is was possible to defy aging by just moving.  Basically, I was hopeful that if I hiked Mt. Washington every year, I’d just always be able to do that until the year I die.  I’d be 102 hiking up the mountain.  (I can still sort of picture that happening, actually.)

But this year, I’ve been noticing little aches in my body that just nag at me.  Knowing your body well is a curse and a blessing.  This Christmas Eve, I was sitting on the floor at Matt’s parent’s house.  We typically get the floor during presents, and I don’t mind because I normally find the floor comfortable.  In fairness to my aging body, for some reason this year, we really didn’t have a lot of room, and I felt really stiff just sitting on the floor.

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Happiness Tip Three: Age

It’s time to fess up about how old you are. Turns out people who have a better view of aging tend to live longer, perhaps seven years longer. And the more positive you are about getting older, the better your quality of life. So today, try listing every way you think you have improved with age.


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Work Out & Stay Young

In case you need yet another argument to help motivate you to move, here is a great one. A recent study at a university in Ontario indicated that exercise may reduce the aging process. Who doesn’t want to stay young longer and postpone aches and pains?

The study tested mice that were aging more rapidly than regular mice. The mice were made to exercise for 45-minutes three times a week. Some of their mitochondria (the power house of cells) were repaired, which in turn improved their muscle mass and the quality of their fur.

So next time you’re feeling old, get out and get moving to stay young!

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Sensitive Teeth

You may have heard this story recently during a plank in my class. A few weeks ago I had a regular cleaning at my dentist. He asked me if I’d notice any changes lately and I told him that sometimes, but not all the time, I’m sensitive to cold. He sent me home with sensodyne toothpaste and some fluoride toothpaste. He didn’t seem that concerned.

Then I stopped by my mom’s and I told her. I said, “It’s odd because it doesn’t happen all the time so I’m not used to it. Each time it happens it’s like a little surprise.”

And this is when my mother, my own flesh and blood, laughed at me. “Oh, Maggie,” she said with a sinister yet loving smile. “At thirty, it’s sensitive, teeth. Surprise!” She said. “A few years later you get up from a chair and oh how your knee hurts. Surprise! From here on out, Maggie, it’s a life of little surprises.”

We both had a good laugh. I’m sure she is right. No doubt there are some downsides to the aging process, but it’s just more incentive to keep moving and stay healthy. The healthier I am […]

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