Food Addiction

I recently read an interesting article in Pilates Style about whether or not people can actually be addicted to food.  It may come as no surprise, but we can.   In a study on rats, the animals displayed classic signs of withdrawal when being denied sugar.  As humans in addition to withdrawal symptoms we have also confused signals.  We often eat when we are actually thirsty or tired.  The more we do that, the more we train our brain that to reduce thirst or exhaustion we need to eat instead of drink or rest.  That is a problem.  We need to retrain our brain to give our body what it is really asking for.
It turns out that one way to stop indulging in certain foods (for me it’s probably Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food, B& J’s Smores, or a giant bowl of pasta with sauce and cheese) may be to associate them with something bad.  So the idea is: link the foods you feel you have limited […]

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