Of course you can always find me planking like here on the Turkish Steps in Sicily.

People occasionally ask what I do for a workout routine.  I like variety and my schedule changes seasonally.  But this is basically what I’ve been doing currently.  My calendar is marked with my workouts to give them a sense of priority.  Both my body and my mind need me to exercise.  When I skip workouts I turn into a gremlin.


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Ride a stationary bike for 30-minutes

Five to ten minutes of stretching

A private Pilates class


Run 3-4 miles with cool down walk (ride the bike when it is cold)


Day Off


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk and stretch (in summer/fall the distance increases)


Kickboxing class or something high intensity


Run 3-5 miles with cool down walk/stretch


Though not on the schedule, I try to walk 2 or more miles at least three day a week.  Winter weather can get in the way of that.  I also throw in 10-minute Pilates workouts—short workouts for myself or to post on YouTube.  After I ride the bike or run I usually do some Pilates because I like that better than typical stretching.  But the older I get the more imperative it becomes that I have a post-run cool down of some kind.  I take a private Pilates class every Tuesday because I never want it to get skipped.

I also, play with movement all the time.  I experiment with trying to move fascially and what feels good or doesn’t feel good in my body.  Every long line is an opportunity to play with something–even if it’s simple toe lifts or where the weight is in my feet.  (It is likely I consider movement and the body more that an average person.)


Normally I run a lot less in the winter because I don’t enjoy running in the cold, and I find the break good for my body.  I haven’t found a great replacement this winter yet, so I’ve been swapping runs for the stationary bike. I find the stationary bike boring, but I can watch TV or get some work done while I ride so it feels easy to fit in, but I’ll tire of it quickly.  So I alter that with swimming (when I’m paying for pool access) or 12-15 minutes of high intensity intervals.

In the winter I like to cross country ski.  In the spring, summer, and fall I try to hike as much as possible, which if I’m lucky is one weekend a month.


Currently I’m working on a goal of doing a handstand, so at least three days a week I practice that and some upper body and back exercises.  This includes push-ups, planks, side bend, overhead presses, ab exercises, glute exercises, and the occasionally cartwheel.  So when I think of it, I do a ten to twenty minute routine to improve my handstand.  This is totally random and gets more attention on the weekends.

I shoot for at least 30-minutes of exercise a day.

While I don’t lift weights, I fully support weight lifting and think it’s important.  The reason I don’t is because I do a lot of bodyweight exercises without weights. Also, Pilates on the reformer has a resistance system.  So I get my strength training from my Pilates.

And I’m always open for going and trying a fun, new fitness class?  Want to go to one?

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