Getting outside and moving also means enjoying the fall color!

Getting outside and moving also means enjoying the fall color!

Fall is my favorite season. The air becomes a little more crisp, the leaves start changing into beautiful colors, hot apple cider and pumpkin spice appear everywhere and there are so many fun fall activities.  It’s also the time of year when I admit defeat to the cold and begin to turn on the heat and find myself wanting to do nothing more than curl up with a blanket, some soup, and a good book. However, even as the days get shorter and the night gets darker earlier and earlier, it’s still important to remember to incorporate movement into the day. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep moving this fall:


1) Take a Hike

My new birthday tradition with my best friend is going to The Sleeping Giant Park in Hamden, CT. Last year we planned a 3 mile hike that turned into 6, but it was a great unexpected adventure. I’ve also had fun trips to the top of Castle Craig Tower (where I swear I can see my house once the leaves are off the trees)

2) Or Take a Bike Ride

A fun outing for the whole family! Try a mellow scenic 10 mile family bike ride starting at the Kent Boarding School, winding along an Indian Reservation and the Appalachian Trial before reaching Bulls Bridge, one of the few working covered bridges in CT.  You can also bike the Meadows along the Connecticut River from the Rocky Hill Ferry into Wethersfield.  It’s a little bumpy, so I’d skip the road bike.  Farmington has great trails for biking too.

Here’s a list of great places to go hiking or biking around Connecticut

3) Get lost (or found!) in a Corn Maze

Whether you are looking to get the heebie-jeebies scared out of you, or just looking for some fun, explore one of the numerous corn mazes in our beautiful state. Our staff will be exploring the corn maze at Lyman Orchards later this month.  Race friends to see who can finish first!

4) Pumpkins and Apples Oh My!

If you’re looking to get outdoors but also want to have something to take home with you, check out the many places that offer pumpkin and apple picking. Often found in conjunction with corn mazes, these Connecticut Pumpkin Patches are a great activity for families and friends during the fall in New England.  They get you out walking and making memories in the fresh air.

5) Attend a Local Fair

If you can keep yourself away from the fried Twinkies, a fairground can be a fun place to get active.  You can try some of the games—ride a bull, climb up a ladder that rotates, swing a giant hammer.  Plus just strolling the grounds will keep you moving.  Here are just some of the fairs coming up in CT.

Written by Jess Tucker, Instructor with Personal Euphoria.