A Lump Behind Knee

What’s that lump behind my knee?  If you’ve ever felt a lump where that soft tissue at the back of your knee normally is, chances are you have a popliteal cyst (aka baker’s cyst).  You probably want to talk to your doctor in case it is something else and also about the best way to treat it (drainage, physical therapy, or wait and hope it goes away on its own which can happen).

Some people will experience pain, others don’t.  Range of motion can also be limited.  Either way it is usually caused by fluid bulging out behind the knee and is associated with arthritis.   According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine baker’s cysts are highly linked to meniscus tears—full tears or partial.  Something is going wrong in the knee which then produces too much fluid.  I’d recommend you should be doing some physical therapy because something is causing the baker’s cyst, pain or no pain.

I was hoping there was an interesting factoid about how prevalent baker’s cyst are among bakers.  Maybe because they are on their feet all day in warm kitchens so their bodies produce more fluid, but it’s simply named after Dr. William Baker who first described it in 1877 when his good buddy, the local baker developed one.  I made that last part up, but it is possible.

While you’re waiting to get into your doctor or if you are choosing not to go to the doctors, consider icing the area.


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