My Favorite Ted Talks

If you’ve taken my Pilates classes for a while, you may already know that I have a mild obsession with a good Ted Talk. I discovered them in 2009 as you’ll see by my very first Ted Talk. So these are some of my favorite that I’ve found the most interesting or informative.   If they seem interesting to you, check them out:

This is how I got introduced to Ted Talks. Not for everyone, since it does show the somewhat fascinating process of artificially inseminating a pig. You have to stop and wonder in this video about the fine line between bestiality and jobs we get paid to do for the sake of science or food supply.

Then there is Slime Mold, perhaps my most favorite Ted Talk of all time:

Brene Brown’s talks about vulnerability are pretty good…there are two. This was the first I ever saw:

Malcom Gladwell is always good when you want something to think about. And I love this one about whether choices make us happier:

Body Langauge…of course I’m going to like this one:

All of Dan Gilbert’s talks are good. But this one makes you question where happiness comes from:

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