You are NOT a failure

The Full Roll-Up (One of the hardest Pilates exercises to get right.)

The Full Roll-Up (One of the hardest Pilates exercises to get right.)

Many people struggle with the full roll up in Pilates.  It’s an exercise where you lie flat on your back, legs straight, arms overhead and roll up to reach over your toes without using any momentum.  Do it right and it’s really hard.  Struggling with an exercise, not getting it even after years of practice is not a fail.

You showed up.  You are there.  You are trying.  You’d be failing if you weren’t working on something that was good for your body.  Even if it is subtle, when you are trying there is progress.  And, trust me, the body thanks you for the effort.

We can be very hard on ourselves and think we aren’t doing enough or good enough at whatever it is we are doing.  Let’s retrain our brains to feel better about our accomplishments.  If you are attending a fitness class today or going for a walk, try not to put yourself down if you don’t achieve each exercise perfectly.  I’m a professional Pilates instructor and I don’t do them perfectly.  It’s not going to happen. Try not to think you aren’t really getting good exercise because you’re walking instead of running.  It’s not true.  Instead, praise yourself for getting out and making time for your health.  If you are moving, you are making your body happy.


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