Nutritionist Nancy Arnold

Nutrition.  It’s so important and is directly linked with health and wellness.  But I’ll be honest, while I know my basics about nutrition, I don’t know much in detail, and I find concepts in nutrition very overwhelming (but I was never good at chemistry). 
So for our last Personal Euphoria staff gathering, we brought in Nancy Arnold, a local nutritionist in Wethersfield.    She was fantastic.  We had asked her to go into detail on food and nutrients needed for active women as they age.  She provided recipes with foods for use to try.  Everything she made was delicious.
She is a former educator and it shows because she was so good at conveying ideas clearly.  I learned a lot and relearned things properly.  For example, I’d always been told that if you don’t eat beans and rice together you don’t actually get the proper nutrients out of them.  That’s not true.  Rice has some protein in it.  Beans have some protein in it.  Together they make a complete protein, but if you don’t eat them together you still get the partial protein.  You can also eat them at different times of day and get a full protein.
I especially liked Nancy because she is a thinker.  She had an explanation for everything she said.  Obviously she is an advocate for reduced processed sugar (but who isn’t).   But she didn’t just spew popular ideas about diet fads.  There was always a clear explanation as to why something is good or something is bad.  That doesn’t mean it’s all easy to do.  And to eat right takes a lot of time, but she also provides some useful tips.
Now, it’s just implementing it on my end.

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