So it turns out that if you look at yourself in a mirror when you eat, you’ll eat less.  I sadly don’t think this would work for me, but I can see why and how it would work.   You see what you’re putting in your mouth.  You see yourself which reminds you that you are accountable to yourself.  If you stuff your face and eat a lot of unhealthy food quickly, you might think you look like a pig.  So you’ll slow down and maybe stop eating sooner.
I even recently heard that just putting a pair of eyes (please use a cut out, not real eyes) on your fridge or in your cupboard, you are likely to consume less.  The concept of having anyone watch you makes you behave better in general, and this may include eating less or eating healthier.
I have a general rule that I live by when I know I’m eating something or an amount that I shouldn’t.  I have to tell someone.  If I’m too embarrassed to tell someone what I’ve done or if I’m eating in secret, then I assume I have a problem.  When I’ve eaten an entire bag of Cheeto’s (which I think we can all agree is probably a bad choice) I’ve made sure I’ve told someone.  And now you all know that I’ve eaten an entire bag of Cheeto’s in one go.  I’ve probably done this about three to five times in my life.  More than telling someone or having someone watch me, what prevents me from doing it is remembering how I felt after I finished consuming en masse.  Still, whether it’s knowing I’ll feel ill, knowing someone is watching, or knowing I have to tell someone I still fall victim to the entire bag.  But every tool we can have in our belt is beneficial.  Sometimes they do help.
Are you ready to put eyes on your refrigerator and a mirror at your table?