Yesterday Matt and I were in the supermarket and I wanted a small bag of Smartfood.  I was thinking a single serving for a snack, so we went to the chip aisle where I found the Smartfood, but I could only find a family size bag.  It was massive.  Matt and I searched to find the normal size, only to discover that what I thought was the family size bag was the normal size bag.  What once used to be family size is now normal and family size has gotten even bigger, at least from my memory.  Good luck finding a single serving.  Up by the register they actually had smaller bags, but still 2.5 servings.
Recently I’ve noticed that if I go to buy M&M’s at the gas station they are double the size for “sharing.”  I’m not going to share my M&M’s.  I’m not good about sharing food.  Why in a world where we know it’s so hard for people to say no to fat and sugar do companies keep making bigger and bigger food?  We sell everything in American in bulk.  I know they do it to make money. 
Now I don’t want to the government dictating how much of something I can eat.  While it’s hard to eat less when it’s in front of us, I have seen that people can make good choices for themselves.  Against all odds people can choose what is best for them.  I do believe people can be and should be responsible for their own actions, but I also wish companies that sell food would be responsible too (without being commanded by the government). 
If people want to buy huge portions, I guess the companies will keep making it.  But I wish large businesses like FritoLay (who makes Smartfood) would have single size serving options too.  Maybe they just don’t have them at my Stop & Shop, but that means that either FritoLay or Stop and Shop is limiting my choice.  And just like I want someone to have the option to buy the Supersized Family size (although I hope they opt not to).  I want the option to buy smaller amounts.  Let’s keep our options open.
In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep working on my willpower or eat some and throw the rest away.