So, I secretly love to shovel.  I like the excuse to be outside.  It feels good to be outside and moving.  It’s a great workout.  You see and visit with your neighbors—you help each other out.  I’m not always a fan of shoveling when the snow decides to fall, but a weekend snowstorm makes it a little less stressful, even if it requires seven hours of shoveling and snow blowing.
In fairness, that’s why I can say I love shoveling right now.  For this storm we borrowed a snow blower.  Turns out snow blowers are very useful tools and I might be ready to modernize a bit. Even with a snow blower we will still have parts of our walkways that need shoveling and it turns out my forearms are really sore and I think that is from snow blowing.
Pictured Above: Our House After Blizzard Nemo hit CT.  Me at the front door.  It was easier to go out the back to come dig out the shovels.