I’m only thirty-one, so, I get it; I’m not that old.  But I’m not eighteen anymore either.  I always wondered how aging happens.  In the back of my head I think I always thought that is was possible to defy aging by just moving.  Basically, I was hopeful that if I hiked Mt. Washington every year, I’d just always be able to do that until the year I die.  I’d be 102 hiking up the mountain.  (I can still sort of picture that happening, actually.)

But this year, I’ve been noticing little aches in my body that just nag at me.  Knowing your body well is a curse and a blessing.  This Christmas Eve, I was sitting on the floor at Matt’s parent’s house.  We typically get the floor during presents, and I don’t mind because I normally find the floor comfortable.  In fairness to my aging body, for some reason this year, we really didn’t have a lot of room, and I felt really stiff just sitting on the floor.  This can’t be happening, I thought.  I teach Pilates!  Then a friend who is my age, went to get up off the floor and got a little stuck half way up.  It surprised him.  It surprised me.   And I just hollered, “This is not okay!  What is happening to us?”

It’s funny how getting older sneaks up and surprises you.    You’d think it would obviously stare you in the face all the time. 

The last snow storm when we got eight inches, I had to take my time shoveling.  Partly because I just don’t move as fast as I used to and partly because I’ve learned that I can move fast, but I’ll suffer later for certain repetitive movements.  It’s funny.  I didn’t realize it until I started to have little hints that I’m getting older creep in, but I think I honestly believed somehow I would defy the aging process.

Now that I know I can’t, Pilates has just become more important to me because I believe it is movement and only movement that will ultimately keep me moving and well.