Ditch The Christmas Cookies?

This is my current dilemma: Do I make Christmas Cookies this year?  I love baking Christmas cookies.  I enjoy making them; I enjoy sharing them; I enjoy eating them.  But things have changed this year.

I stopped eating gluten so I won’t even be able to eat one or lick the batter.  Both sets of my parents are working to lose and keep weight off.  Brining cookies to them would be a temptation when they are surrounded with temptation.  And, no one really needs them.

That being said, I bring them around to some of our towns who help us plan our classes all year and some of the custodial staff who help keep the building clean for us all year.  So I’d lose that as a way to show my gratitude.  I also have fun making them and look forward to it.  Though it might be less fun now that wheat and I are at odds. 

I could make just a couple and bring them to fewer people.  In the scheme of things this is not the worst problem to have in the world.    Still does anyone have any opinions?

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Maggie Downie
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