I love when some of the Personal Euphoria staff can get together outside of our own classes and meetings.  Recently, on a last minute whim, some of us went to try a Barre class at Evolution Pilates.  Personal Euphoria is now offering Pilates Bar Physique in Berlin (and hopefully more towns soon).  Susan has been teaching it.  The Berlin class has been really popular and we wanted to get to enjoy a class as participants.

The class was fun and it’s great to see Pilates come to life off the mat and the floor.  The motions of a bar class are really a great way to get the control and stabilization you learn in Pilates into more robust movements.  The class really targeted the glutes (a favorite muscle of mine to work).  Some of the stretching on the bar felt so nice.  Lately, I really enjoy stretching.

I can’t wait till we are offering bar more regularly and I can attend some of Susan’s classes.  Bar classes are a fun way to move the body.  I recommend you try them, whether you join us in Berlin, or head to South Windsor to try it out at Evolution Pilates.